Friday, 1 July 2016

Polka dots & Palazzo Pants


♪ Pop Style - Drake & The Throne (a.k.a Jay Z & Kanye) ♪

We took these photos after my Microbiology exam. It was the 1st of June, International Children's Day and although I had only slept 3 hours prior to the exam, I couldn't help it...I had to take a photo with this funny garden gnome, because Drake's verse "All I do is hang with the young and heartless" kept popping into my mind. Still, I had 3% battery and no space in my Iphone, so my cousin Ioana had to work her magic with 10 shots before my phone refused to collaborate.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you must be familiar with one of my style obsessions: palazzo pants. I got most of them from Zara, and this polka dotted pair has earned its place in my heart. I'm one of those women who love to wear long skirts/dresses/pants in summer and I actually don't find it uncomfortable at all because I only buy them in light and breezy fabrics.

The second item in my outfit I would like to discuss today- it's been a big trend this spring in all the high street shops - THE BODYSUIT. Did Beyonce started the frenzy with her IVY PARK sold-out bodysuits or it was just high time for the bodysuits to make a comeback  and Beyonce just followed the trend set by the big fashion houses? The fact is, that every season I would complain to my mom and my friends "There are no bodysuits this season either!". My obsession with them came from the fact I love to wear skirts a lot, and some of them...well, tank tops don't always cut it, because they don't quite stay in place. But I kept faith..I knew there would be a day when Zara and H&M would be filled with them haha...Imagine my shock in April when I found them at Zara TRF in all the shapes and colors! The one I'm wearing in these photos has the best fabric I've come across so far, and I'm so sad it didn't come in more colors. It's so great on your skin and I love the fact it's like a backless top. 

I only bought three bodysuits so far, because I wanted to get a bigger picture of my closet- "What would I wear the pink one with? " "What about the tangerine orange? You never wear this shade"- but now that the sales have started I've come to the realization my beloved bodysuits are leaving forever (okay, for a few seasons, I have to stop being so melodramatic). Therefore, I'm going to stock up on bodysuits.  Tangerine orange, black lace, navy striped bodysuits, here I come!!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The World is Yours


♪ The World is Yours - Ty Taylor (music from the show Vinyl ) ♪

You never know what the future holds. Last year has been strong proof of this statement for me. I truly wanted to blog, at least during the holidays, but deep down I knew I wouldn't be able to do so because of the syllabus in my university for the 2nd year. Each Med School chooses the subjects you're supposed to study differently. The structure is different in Romania, but it's sort of like I just finished the pre-med phase, and I'll start with the hospital in the 3rd year.  Therefore, I had 11 exams this semester and roughly 4 weeks to take them and it's been my biggest challenge yet, because everything is so important! From Microbiology to Immunology, I consider all these subjects essential for a future doctor, so I had to make many sacrifices this semester (no blog, no movies, no Vogues, no Rainbow Rowell books -  I did make time for my ultimate guilty pleasure though, Game of Thrones) but I truly believe it was the right decision. 

Now I'm finally enjoying my summer holiday, I've seen so many movies, TV shows and read two books and I figured it was about time to blog. S. actually took these photos on our Easter holiday, when I found this amazing jumpsuit at Zara. I'm mad about jumpsuits thanks to Devon Finestra from the HBO show Vinyl. I was obsessed with this show, produced by Martin Scorsese  and Mick Jagger and I'm still shocked it just got cancelled yesterday. What you may notice is the fact that I've quit my ultimate love- my long hair for a long bob. I knew I couldn't have my long hair forever because it always falls when I'm stressed and Med school is the definition of stress, but from a necessity
this haircut turned into a big love of mine. It's so easy to wash it and I can always opt for curls when I feel like doing something different. I also wear bold lipstick now, which is a big change for someone who bearly wore lip gloss last year, but everything  changed when I walked into a Mac.  A lot of things are different  about me now  actually, but I'm going to tell you more about it in my future posts.  

Sunday, 13 September 2015



“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
- Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

I read this for the first time five years ago, when I started high school, and it stuck with me. Fate, luck, blessings, karma, we all believe in something. My 20th birthday sure felt like a blessed day. I always had this idea about me shooting next to an oleander when in Greece. Couple of years ago, I missed this opportunity when I visited Thassos. This year, one day before my birthday I found in Rhodes the last Oysho dress I've been dreaming about all summer at  50% off.  'All I need now is a tree' I told myself and the next day, there I was, walking on the magic streets of the Old Town when something pink caught my peripheral vision. Not only it was the biggest and most beautiful oleander that I've seen in Rhodes, but it was also on a quaint street, away from the tourist cram. Whenever I look at the photos I remember Stephen Chbosky's brilliant line from 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and I swear I was infinite.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Time flies


♪ Moonlight Breakfast- My baby ♪

Oh my, summer is over and I just can't believe it! I've had the worst last day of summer this year with some unexpected health issues but I'm well now. Before the health scare I had some amazing days though: I had a slumber party with my best friend (= movie marathon, playing lots of cards, cocktails and delicious pizza), lots of night rides, saw 'Paper Towns' -it's the only book by John Green I haven't read and I loved the movie, although I read that the movie is disappointing compared to the book aand: I got to see my favorite Romanian band play live- Moonlight Breakfast. I was so excited and they were magic, it's such an exhilarating feeling to know all the lyrics by heart and be able to enjoy top quality music!

Just one day before the concert, I got a very special delivery: my JORD watch! JORD is an incredibly creative company that designs wooden watches . When they contacted me for a collaboration I was over the moon because I've wanted a wooden watch for some time and I thought it was the sweetest way to mark my 20th birthday. I chose the 'Ely Maple' , a timeless and feminine piece. When I received it I was most surprised about its lightness - sometimes I forget I have it on my wrist! I also fell in love with the the type of wood they use for this model- maple, so suave.

I admire everything this St. Louis born company stands for- they chose one particular path in the watch industry- the wooden watches and they never stop creating new shapes, finding new types of wood and dying their models in vivid colors. It's true I chose a neutral tone (you know me and my obsession with nude shades) but you should check their Wooden Watches For Sale to see their scarlet red ones, so alive and playful! I also love the attention my watch has gotten, everyone is surprised to see a wooden watch and couple of my friends actually started wishing to get one as well- should I hope for a 'Wooden Watch Club' in the near future?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Old Town of Rhodes


The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the most enchanting places I've ever visited! It has about 200 streets with no names, so it was a real pleasure getting lost there a couple of times (although mom was genuinely scared). Most of the times you'll get around thanks to the many maps they have in the city, but in case you panic you can ask for the Sokratous Street, which is their main street, with tons of souvenir shops, local furs and leather stores. The old town has ten gates, and I recommend you enter it via Amboise Gate, the one near the Palace of the Grand Master because it's near the New Town (the high street shops are 5 minutes away from this gate) and you reach the top of the Sokratous Street, so the only way is going down the hill, which makes for a casual walk. Once you've reached the end of the street, and you're at the Liberty Gate, you can exit the Old Town and you're in the port. Couple of hundred metres on the seafront and you're at the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes used to be- now there are two towers with dears which show where the feet of the Colossus used to be- I was genuinely impressed, especially because I was obsessed with the seven wonders of the world back when I was nine.

I've included an overload of photos in this post, because there are so many beautiful places I discovered on the quaint streets, so I really felt like I should share my travel tips with you, as always. The ice cream in the Old Town is divine, it's the first place where I've found orange ice cream and I swear it was like a frozen orange fresh, so good. Also, I've seen the most incredible garden: Sokratous Garden, a place with lovely greek deco, great beverages and an impressive amount of orange trees, lemon trees, mostly every tree viable in Greece you can imagine. I've included travel notes above most of the photos in this post.

Fashion wise, it was a really hot day so I chose my white Zara skirt because of its light fabric and my new nude sandals. I've had the hot pink top for two years now, yet I never had anything to match it with until this summer. Of course, you don't stand a chance without having a hat on in the sun, so I wore my new hat, the one I wrote about here.