Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Cherry Blossom Girl

♪ Cristi Cons - Mouline ♪

We have some beautiful cherry blossom trees in my hometown and each spring I would tell my best friends: "We have to do a photoshoot with a cherry blossom theme!" and then something would happen like a test, or a party you have no outfit for and you must go shopping, or an unexpected trip. I realized that I finished highschool and moved out of my hometown WITHOUT taking a single photo of these beautiful trees.

I had my Easter holiday so I went home, where I had the most refreshing break (Oh my God, so much has happened on the 3rd season of House of Cards, yet I was just sitting with my Anatomy books the whole month of March and missing out on all the good stuff! ). One day, I decided to go on a tour of our small hometown together with my best friend (a.k.a a trip down memory lane) and there it was: my favourite cherry blossom tree, fantastic as ever!

What you must know about me is that I like wearing a lot of black these days- I know, this blog used to be all about blush pink, nude and mint, yet here we are! I don't know when or how it happened, but I know that most of the times, when I walk out the door, I'm wearing a black ensemble. So of course I thought I shouldn't take these pictures because I was not matching the tree- at all haha. Then I thought some more and I kind of liked the idea this photoshoot represents- that you shouldn't waste any time when you want something - be it a photoshoot or the job of your dreams and that it's okay to change- whether it's your fashion style we're talking about or your opinions. It would have been awesome to have some photos as the 16 year old me in that mint dress I wanted to wear for the photoshoot back then and compare them to these photos, but I've made the mistake of not taking all the opportunities in highschool and I've decided that this must change in my twenties (only 4 months to go until 20, still can't believe it!).  Thank you Simona for being the most amazing photographer and friend, I love you & I will miss you like crazy!

PS: The title is inspired from the first fashion blog that I've ever come across to, back when I was 15, which inspired me to start my own blog.

Thursday, 12 February 2015


poză 3

♪ Jay Z- On to the next one ♪

I've changed a lot in the last five months and there are a bunch of reasons: leaving my hometown. living on my own, studying Medicine, being away from my best friends (and coming to terms with the fact that we can only rely on Skype and Facebook to keep in touch), not being able to hug my little sister and parents every day and having survived the first storm of finals in Med School. I don't think anyone can ever prepare you for the first important exams in your life as a student: I had 8 major exams (not counting English, Psychology etc.) in the course of 24 days and it has been the most intense and challenging experience I've ever had. 

I really wanted my comeback post to include a list of the changes I noticed:

- I'm more confident than ever that I chose the path that's right for me- as hard and impossible the finals were, I realized I love studying all the subjects and that I really can't see myself in any other place!

- I don't get scared so easily-  I used to panic before an important test- sure, the fear is still there- but I'm more confident and I handle stressful situations better.

- I know when enough is enough- During those 24 crowded days I had times when I would just sit all day at my desk and then days when I would go out for a movie ( on that subject, you HAVE to see Whiplash, it's genius!), for a Starbucks coffee (we now have Starbucks in Iasi too, yay!) and listen to some good music to clear my mind.

- I like.. snow! I have always dreaded winter and the unbearable cold, but it all changed during the winter holiday. I went on a trip to Busteni with some of my best friends- we stayed there for 4 days and we faced train delays, a LOT of snow & cold and yet I loved every single moment of it because we were together! We cooked all the meals on our own (um, okay, on the 1st of January I gave up and went for a delicious pizza- photo proof in this post), we visited a lot of beautiful places ( the Cantacuzino Castle is a must see, I'm so proud our country has such an incredible heritage), played a lot of hilarious games, danced, laughed- I just felt infinite and I cherish the memories we've made!!

- I have less.. regrets! Every week I did not post on this blog due to university work I felt really sad and had tons of regrets. Now, I finally realized that I have kept in touch with the fashion world by constantly following the updated on various fashion websites and with my readers thanks to Instagram and my Facebook page (you can check them both when you miss my posts, I post updates often). Sure, it's not the same as the act of blogging but, I want you guys to understand how I really feel about Med School right now:

"I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good." — Roald Dahl (one of my favourite authors)

- I really want to improve my... time management technique. I'm starting the second semester on Monday and I hope I learned a thing or two from the first one when it comes to time, so I want to believe I'll update this blog from time to time because there are so many awesome photos I took this winter and I would really like to share them! Of course, I want to also share my thoughts on the 2015 Spring Trends. I guess we'll see, fingers crossed!

Now, some of the photos we took during our AMAZING trip to Busteni:

Friday, 28 November 2014

Long time, no post!


♪ Beyonce 7/11 ♪

Okay, I can't believe my last post was in October!! I feel like my life  has been put on fast forward ever since I got into Med School. It's tiring and stressing because the University I chose likes to keep things old school, so I have at least 2 tests and one project every week. My best friend studies Medicine as well, in another town and she isn't so busy and sleep deprived as I am, but I've come to terms with the fact that I have to study harder, because it will help me for the finals in January. Although it's a massive amount of information to be learned in the course of 12 weeks, I love it, especially the Anatomy of the human body.

A lot has changed in my life. My cousin Alex turned 18 and I tried to prepare him a rad surprise (he states that I pulled that off). He had an awesome birthday party, I really needed a night with some of my close friends. I got another roommate and I adore her!! We support each other and know where to draw the line when it comes to studying ( meaning we take some shopping breaks and we go out for dinner in fancy places when we feel we've had enough). Last night we had the Freshers Ball, hence we are tired and haven't been able to read a single line for the upcoming  Anatomy exam (which is a MAJOR thing, you can't even imagine the pressure). I decided to take this day off and do the things I love most: talking with my family, listening to good music and blogging. Mom took these photos in 
late October or early November (?? can't really remember at this point) when I bought this pretty floral H&M dress. I've been wearing it a lot this whole autumn, it has an amazing fabric and it's perfect for both school and get-togethers with my friends.

One thing I truly miss is the voice of my readers. It's a compromise I wasn't really willing to take when I started Med School, and I hate that I don't really have the time of energy to blog. So, what I want to know: are you still out there? I've been trying to post often on Instagram so we can keep in touch, but it's just not the same!! I used to write a recommandation about a book, a song or a movie  in every single post, now I have 5 new book and haven't had time to even open one. What I can advise you, though, is to go & watch Interstellar!! Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director ( Inception will always be one of my favourites) and this movie emphasizes the power of love like no other!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Gone Girl

♪ Lykke Li- I'm Good, I'm Gone ♪

I'm making a real effort here by posting this- not only because I want to keep you updated, but also because so many things happened in my life in the course of two weeks that I'm afraid that in one year from now I'll forget everything, and I have to write this- let's call it diary entry in order to remember everything.

So, I moved to Iasi two weeks ago and I'm currently a Med student. As mom would put it: "You had more awful things happen to you in Iasi in two weeks than you would have in one year in our hometown". I moved in the most adorable dorm room- I consider it perfect, but I've been having all sorts of unfortunate things happen: the window wouldn't open, the door wouldn't close, the toilet wouldn't work (this was by far the most terrifying thing, we had to call for the plumbers two times). It didn't happen all at once- just gradually, As soon as I'd take care of one problem, another one would pop. My heart's pounding as I'm writing this, because I'm not spending the night in my dorm room and I'm afraid of what I might find there tomorrow (please, enough with the bad luck?). I also caught the nastiest cold and I was bitten by a dog (thank God my sympatetic nervous system kicked in and I ran like a professional athlete until it got tired of chasing me) - so there have been some minor health issues.

Adulthood wise, I'm doing far better than I expected. It's hard to be on your own ( I can rely on my aunt for support when things go south, fortunately!!) but I can't say I dislike it. I'm also missing my family like crazy and they came to visit me this weekend (I didn't know I can hug them so many times in one day) and fortunately, I also manage to keep in touch with my friends. I still don't realize that my best friend Simona doesn't live in the same town as I do, we talk all the time and I just feel like she's super close to me. In fact, these are the last photos she took for the blog before we both left our hometown. There is no one to take photos of me for the blog yet, nor time. 

Okay, I mean, time wise, I can manage to squeeze some hours to go out with my friends (another post about time management as a Med student will follow). Last night we went to see David Fincher's Gone Girl. Most of the movies he directed are on my "Forever Favourite Films" list, like "Seven" , "Fight Club", "The Social Network", "Zodiac", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and I've just added "Gone Girl" to the list as well..Mindblowing, intense and brilliant- I would need a whole different post just to describe how much of an impact it has, but then again, I'm running out of time!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blogging is the best therapy!


♪ Yong Forever/Halo #OnTheRunTour - Beyonce & Jay Z ♪

The time has come! Tomorrow I'm leaving my hometown and trading it for Iasi, where I'll go to Med School. Generally, everyone is so excited when they go to college: a brand new life, with freedom and adult responsabilities, new friends. Well, I can't say I don't feel those things, it's just that I'm an OVERTHINKER. I'm super organized and stressed out and I'm quite scared about being on my own. It's not the studying part I dread, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to study such interesting things, it's the impossible schedule and having to be independent. Plus, I'm going to miss my friends like crazy- we met for the last time before going away to different cities for college- I can only say there were a lot of pancakes, Pringles, old photos and crying involved. I'm determined to always find time for a chat with them, their friendship is invaluable. I find it strange how writing down these thoughts in a blog post makes me feel better. It's soothing, I look everything from an optimistic angle now that I read them.. Blogging often turns out to be the best therapy for me!

Speaking of best friends, here are the photos of the last day of my trip to Brasov with Simona. We went around our favourite streets one more time and had lunch at a lovely place, with the best pasta (I had some divine 'quatro formaggi') and bought some souvenirs for our families and friends. I love the fact that we had our train at night so we had all the last day to soak that Brasov energy in.

To end this anxious post on a high note, I recommend you watch the video I suggested at the top of the article- it's a live performance by Beyonce and Jay Z- at their last concert of the 'On The Run Tour', held in Paris. Besides the fact that they sing heavenly, there's a footage in the background of featuring their story- the start of their relationship, the trips, the engagement, the wedding, the pregnancy and the most important stages in Blue Ivy's life so far. It's touching to see such a caring family so devoted to love, art and music!  DON'T WORRY, BE YONCE!