Sunday, 27 February 2011


Last spring I remember how the shops were all full of vests, pants, all brown leather and fringed! I loved the idea myself so I purchased a vest from Motivi which I've worn twice.

Apparently, I thought wisely since many designers decidied to go for "Modern Craft" this spring too! Not only brands like Roberto Cavalli or Ralph Lauren had this as their main inspiration, but you can definetely see accents in the Lanvin, Paul&Joe, Dior(some bags!), Diesel collections.

I managed to take some pictures finally with the outfit I had in mind implying this vest which  I simply ADORE. Sorry for the crappy background, but as in my country it's currently snowing all day long, I'm pretty much stuck at home.What I eally find odd about my outfit is that I chose to wear all kind of vintage and random things. Also, I always wear AT LEAST 2 Zara items yet in all these pictures I'm only wearing a shirt. The vest is from Motivi again.... do you know the brand? Hm..then I got this AMAZING, STUNNING , PERFECT pair of jeans and their tag says I bought them from Flo&Jo???

My oh-so-loved owl necklace is from Orsay and the bracelet that I'm wearing on my right hand (Damn! Can't see it properly  because I wasn't paying attention to it so it flipped!) has been in my family for 23 years. The ring is also so old and it's from amber and here comes my shoes obsession: THE WEDGES! Mom got that stunning pair about 6 years ago and they had these cute flowers (I'm gonna make an outfit where you'll see them better, PROMISE!) that fell so  she wasn't wearing them anymore and she was planning to throw them away. Of course I saved them , cause nowadays I'd probably have to pay like 70 euros to get some decent and trendy wedges.

This would have been the best picture of my life so far. I remember I had this huge smile on my face, confidence and I honestly don't know how on Earth I was able to strike a pose like that! However, I cannot understand my camera at all!!

Are you ready to wear the MODERN CRAFT TREND?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

She smiles!

I admit , I love fooling around with my (OLD, LAME) camera so this picture came out pretty natural.  I was playing with my favourite eyeliner that my mate Silvia found for me in an eyeliner heaven. I was pretty lost, because I always get like the worst so she really saved me, thank youuu!

Of course, even if I have such a fancy makeup item that doesn't mean I'm actually able to use it haha

So the concept of this was pretty simple and totally unpredictionable. I had this mirror close to me and I wanted to take a glance at my "let's put some jewerly on the head" look , but I accidentally took a picture at the same time! Total luck, since I never look acceptable in pictures, as I look in this one.

In fact, I don't even know why I decided to post this but I'm just so happy right now from various reasons and I just feel that everyone should smile, at least one time in a day, no matter how rough or busy can life get!
Some of my favoruites "fashion smiles":


Saturday, 19 February 2011

I've got a big ego, such a HUGE ego

Abbey obsession

I thought this would be a good name for the post. I love it actually so much. I guess I would never have pondered about these lyrics by Beyonce if it wasn't my best friend Chach. I miss her a lot actually, like I miss my (few hah) readers.

I simply ADORE my blog, although it's just at the beggining but my really hectic life keeped me away from everything lately. I hate that, all this effort for nothing! I screwed up, argh this damn school work. However, school is safe to me. I love highschool. Anyway, I'm  so so hurt right now, but I promise to write on this blog more. Like MORE! Not missing "Fancy Friday" when it's a column for Christ's sake! *blushes*

Love you all!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Monday Muse

Cannot sleep. It is, in theory, Monday already.

Meet Louise, also known as Miss Pandora . In fact, who doesn't know her??!! She is one of my favorites fashion bloggers. I just love EVERYTHING about her: amazing fashion style,  unique look, vision, best friend Alix, good taste in photgraphy and art. These glasses too... :)

What has always fascinated me though, was her hair. I'don't intend to dye mine, like NEVER, but if I did and if it had suited me I would have definetely chosen this color! DIVINE!

Do you have a/any muse/s? Who?


Friday, 11 February 2011

Fancy Friday - Photo

Oh my, haven't got time to write on here lately! I'm just taking a short break from Maths to start a new column on my blog. What I love about my favorites fashion blogs is that they all have a themed day, with a themed photo.

I chose Friday because I'm always so excited for the weekend and I usually have an inspiration rush.. This week...
Gorgeous Ana Selezneva! It's my profile picture everywhere: TUMBLR, LOOKLET hahaah

Monday, 7 February 2011


Okay, you should know that I live in a small city from a pretty small country-Romania- so we don't quite have Vogue over here! (neither Zara !)

So, imagine my amazement as I see(in a another town, of course!) a real VOGUE- no, two real VOGUEs : Paris & British! I had to buy them both, I coudln't help it. It is true that I paid double because of the transport etc. but holding IT in your arms- for the first time- I can't even describe it properly! It's like you know you're apart from the fashion world now- where everyone understands your obsession and you feel this vibe from all the creative and talented people in the world.

Of course,  I had to share to share my comparission with someone and I felt this was the right place haha :)

Let's start with some criteria I'd like to note:

Cover:  British Vogue shows a calm and careless Victoria arching her perfect eyebrows. I always liked Victoria's sharp style and I don't think she is that posh and annoying as everyone thinks she is. Also, I'm a fan of her collections so far so I really enjoyed the interview and the portraits.

Vogue Paris wants to bring a little color in our life! Brand new trends people! What a better way than putting  Lara Stone on the cover, in a brilliant Gucci ensamblance?

Trends:  British Vogue: Amazingly pointed! I really know for sure what's in for this season!

Vogue Paris: I love the makeup trends because I really need good updates usually on this area! Also, I loved the editorial with bright&wild accesories and "EN VOGUE". The trends of the spring season haven't been literally pointed yet (I expect that from future issues, for sure!) but the HUGE pictorial definetely gives a clue for sharp eyes!
Same Jil Sander outfit, amazingly worn! Spotted: Daphe's skirt, the one that I fatured in the honeysuckle post! AWESOME!
Editorials: British Vogue: "Look forward"- Model: Freja Beha Erichsen - simply let me speechless!   "Best of British"- Model: Arizona Muse. I really loved the selection from the British Label clothes, maybe because I'm huge fan of couple designers.

 Vogue Paris: "Miss Vogue"  : PUNKY chic, urban, edgy! I loved it, but I felt it wasn't fitting the theme: for all the young women!

THE COLOSAL EDITORIAL: 65 pages spread, oh my, I ADORE it so much! Carine (her penultimate issue, I'm so sad about this!) chose only elite models like Lara, Daria, Natasha, Freja, Daphne, Saskia, Joan, Sasha, Arizona. I have to say I loved Natasha most, although Lara rocked that cover and all the looks!

"Forever Young"- a litte nudity in this to celebrate Gucci's 90th aniverssary!

Writing: We got an article about Sarah Burton in both issues! I have to say that I liked more the 4 pages interview from Vogue UK, although the pictures used in the Paris one were so impressive!
Actors: Vogue Paris features Collin Firth while UK picked James Franco. Both impressive columns!

We also find out about Olivier Theyskens's comeback and  accesories in transit from the second one, while  we have two remarcable pieces about ballet and Black Swan in French.

The Surprise Element: 

British Vogue: Alexa Chung interviews the great Christopher Kane and we have some details about "THE CULT OF THE MODEL"

Vogue Paris : "Secret Stories" by Sasha Pivovarova about the last fashion week she attended! Wow, I never knew she draws so amazing and take this lovely pictures!

So, after all this, I still can't decide my favorite! I love them both so much, because you can tell how much effort and creativity has been put in these! 

Back cover: Adds, I can't never get enough! Oh my, Rouge Coco is divine!

PS: Okay, maybe 65 page editorial made me like the Vogue Paris edition a LITTLE LITTLE more but shhhh!!!!..that's a secret!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mes bijoux

From left to right: Accesorize bracelet, Swatch watch, Fossil Bracelet
I felt like it's time for a more personal post, because you can't get me very well by looking at some pictures with Abbey Lee Keshaw, right? :D

Presenting my favourite jewelry at the moment seemed a good idea, so I quickly took a few pictures and there you have it! First of all, I wish I had a better camera. Ever since I got so addicted to all the fashion news, and trends and such I also took up photography as a hobby. But oh well, you can't do much with a SONY camera on auto mode :| That led me to Photoshop. I usually add the focalization and such on Photoshop and it pretty works for me, at least until I'll stop wasting all my savings on clothes and buy a decent camera.

First is my Accesorize bracelet. I got it on sales, 1 week ago and I can't go anywhere without it ever since. I love it's strong message, it's more like a charm bracelet. It also matches most of my outfits, as I went this winter for nude, creme, silver pink. 

Than it's my Swatch watch. I don't really look at it as a watch, but more like a jewerly because it's so classy and chic. I also got a matching ring (ha!). I wish I had the matched necklace too but I was running out of money and I got them (they cost me a little fortune!).

Last but not least, the Fossil bracelet. Originally, I saw the matching necklace from Fossil in a shop and I was so in love with it, because I though it was a bracelet. I was with my mom at that time and my name day was coming in few days. So mom told dad the shop where I saw a marvelous Fossil BRACELET and of course he brought me this. I still love it so much though, especially they got me the  necklace a couple months later, for Christmas.

These are the most valuable pieces I own, except from gold. They're from surgical steel, but I still love wearing all sort of bangles besides them.

What about you? What's your favorite jewelry?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Give me Zara and honeysuckle so I can die happy

Okay, you should know that from all the shops in the world, although I do like lots, I always end up in a Zara. Probably 85% of my clothes are from Zara so imagine my excitement as I just saw the new lookbook for this spring!

I love the idea they chose. No more crowded motives, accesories and all kinds of boots. Don't get me wrong! I've worn every  single thing I'm writing about it's just that I felt it's the time to get back to basic a little. Classy, fashionable, fabulous.

Last spring we had army, kaki and camel  AMAZING also but I felt the way I was dressing needed some life and this season is all about visual impact!

The white and cream tones are marvolous, especially the pants but I love the mix with colourful clothes! And by that I mean, of course, HONEYSUCKLE! Yet another retail brand to choose honeysuckle (I'm obsessed with it, I know) , and it's my favoruite one!

Do you like Zara? What are your thoughts about the new collection? What do you think about the BOLD pick of the colors?


Why School???

So tired since I got stuck with all these essays today. Oh God, school is so tiring..Some pictures which totally express my mood:

♥♥♥ Abbey Abbey Abbey♥♥♥
 Oh My, so you say I can actually stay on Blogger, TUMBLR and Polyvore right now???

Source: my TUMBLR and Gemma's


I was never good at anwering questions like : "What's your favoruite artist?", "What music do you listen?" and so on. I was so amazed and proud of myself for discoverring in late November my favoruite model (future post about it!). When it comes to brands I got plenty because there's always something to like. However lately I was so into Chloe, Proenza Shouler and Miu Miu. At the moment I just feel like writing:IT'S OFICIAL. MIU MIU IS MY  FAVORITE BRAND!  

 Okay, that's waaaay too much! I'd better turn off the laptop because this could go on and on...

*If you own rights for any of these pictures please let me know