Saturday, 28 May 2011

Equation/ Love Story

Equation/Love Story

Equation/Love Story by MaryLu1 on

This season it was the SHOES revelation! And why do I say this? After a long live trend of buying Miu Miu shoes fashionistas all over the world made it quite clear that it was time to purchase 2 pair of shoes  this spring- Jeffrey Campbell Litas and Jessica Simpson- Dany Platforms.

Athough I've heard enough nasty comments and complaints about how these pair of shoes appear on anyone's (how can actually afford buying ) blog, I'm so in love with Dany myself. Litas are amazing too and they can be so easily matched to everything. The point is I don't like them only because they are considered right now -  HAUTE ITEMS. I love how heavenly the leg looks like thanks to them and I seriously think everytime I see a pair worn on a blog "How hard is it to actually walk in those?"

After a deep search through all my favorite blogs- I've found over 15 featuring Dany Platform and somewhere around 30 with Litas. I know for sure I'll never have money to actually own a pair- but I can still dream and show you my favorite pictures and looks with people wearing them:

Friday, 27 May 2011

Pandora's box/Mom's jewelry

I think it would be the 1 000 000th time I say "Ï'm sorry dear readers for not posting in such a long time" but it's quite the end of term here, and we have all these tests and projects. Anyways, don'tb worry! This whole week I've been using my short break time to snap couple of things around me, and of course, myself.

When I was little I was so fascinated by my mother's jewelry and high heels, just like any little girl.  I open her wooden fancy box where she keeps it, and I'm always stunned. The special thing is, that I had this ball 3 weeks ago and mom decided to put that photo of me (from the ball of course) right beside the box. It just seemed so funny to me, because that is really the expression that I have whenever I open that box.

PS: Don't you just love borrowing your mother's finest jewelry sometimes?


Friday, 20 May 2011

This is what I feel right now/ Fancy Friday

Take me away:A secret place ( In Natasha Bedinfield style). Or Paris, London, LA, NYC would be just fine, doesn't have to be secret haha! That's all I have in mind lately. I feel bad that I haven't taken photos with my camera in ages and I got this party tomorrow and.... I guess I'm quite in a middle of a chrisis because I have, literary, NO inspiration or ideas of what should I wear!

Love, Mary

Friday, 13 May 2011

The Kate Theory

Little nostalgic. Take a look at babydoll Kate in one editorial back in 1992.

Okay. When you hear Kate Moss you most certainly think at: model since young, who started the trend of super super-skinny girls on the catwalk, androgynous look, designer for a few lines for Topshop, girl who dated a certain amount of spooky boys, mother. But wait, let's get back to the fashion top model, shall we?

Even if she's 37, Kate never left the fashion world, she just took a little break to say in a nice way. She has certainly changed a lot, but you can clearly see a whole new nature of beauty in her look.  Therefore, when she decided to come back, no wonder why the all the doors got opened and she appears on this months on not 1, not 2, but 3 covers of different Vogue's! Is this a signal that fashion world needs her back or is it just a tribute and a sign of admiration for a woman who kept herself on covers of the magazines or campaigns for so many years? Or is it really our need to see familiar faces?

Either way, I decided to share my opinion concerning the covers:

Monday, 9 May 2011

...And make me wanna stay

Headband Courtesy of: Alice& Sara from Dulapul Bunicii
Pants: H&M
Shirt: Orsay
Flats: Zara
Owl Ring: C&A
Bracelets: Orsay & vintage

When I was little and I was just getting to learn English and surfing on the internet I once read "Punk's not dead and that's all". I was so fascinated by this statement, especially that I didn't have much of a clue of what punk music would be like. Time went by, I grew up, staying as girlie and as Nouvelle Vague-other feminine and positive songs- lover as ever, all dressed in pastels, ruffles and bows until I got to talk to this amazing person, who has this love for punk/rock/jazz. She made me realize that it's not about only a type of music, it's an attitude! I may never change my style, but I certainly enjoy daring myself to add a little twist of punk/chic/ rock in my outfits. 

So dear readers, punk , feminine, or both of best worlds?

Friday, 6 May 2011

Fancy Friday/ Model Love

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Numéro #123. She was also the cover girl! Gorgeous!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Monday Muse: Garance Doré

One of a kind blogger/Amazing photographer/ Fashionista/ Natural Beauty/ Anna Dello Russo dear friend

It takes so much effort to be effortless
Garance Doré 
How can you not be inspired by her?


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Say yes to the dress!

I guess my post about lace was much of a feeling. I can't really explain why I felt like writing it just a day before the royal wedding because I got that idea such a long time ago...but it was just a lovely coincidence I guess.

I have to write about the royal wedding here, because I'm such a dreamer, head in clouds and I was one of those girls who were just waiting to see Kate's dress and the kiss, of course!!! Though, I'm not gonna be the 1th million person who says that princess Beatrice's hat was a total moose look-alike, or that Harry's on and off girlfriend's dress by Alberta Ferretti was such a disapointing pick, why Victoria Beckham shinned but that she shouldn't have dressed as it was a funeral, nor that Princess Letizia of Spain was a total sweetheart because that's have been talked about a lot in these last days.