Sunday, 30 October 2011

H&M (i.e. Hurried&Marvelous)

Wait, I know!!! One post per week, way to go Mary!
I'm so sad because I'm having such a hard time at school because semesters have changed this year and we are crowded with tests! And wait, it's not even evaluation time yet, when I usually only get to eat,learn,sleep!

On a better note, I finally got to wear my knit from H&M! I bought this from Prague, back in August and what can I say: it was love at first sight. I also got it because I have a similar one on white, which I wear at school constantly and it fits me marvelous (oh, how modest I am).Also, you finally get to see one of my favourties necklaces, from Accessorize. I always want to post it here, but somehow I choose another jewelry in the last minute.

What can I say? Love you all, and hope I will enchant you again someday (I will try hard to post before it snows for the first time, haha!) Thanks again to my lovely cousin for the photos!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Grey skies and light fading

Oh, I simply love when I look at my outfit posts and a title comes into my mind- which happens to be a line from a song! It gives me so much satisfaction, I guess who said "For every situation, there's a suitable line from a song" was a genius!

As many  of you might know, from the last blog or the FB page I had an incredible weekend away with shopping and long walks(even on this horrible weather) which has come to an end.

Of course, not everything went 100% as planned. For example, I forgot THE CAMERA at home when my cousin was suposed to photograph me in the park , so when we arrived home we settled for this simple street(but not hers, cause it was crowded with cars- bad luck!!!) which I'm not happy at all, but it's not a white wall this time, everybody!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday read& News!

Ah, finally some time to relax! School & blogging..well..they're not friends, at least from my perspective because I'm in a crucial year for my future. Oh, how fun to actually have some time to shop and read the latest issue of Vogue Paris(thank you dad!). Believe me or not, he actually got this 2 weeks ago and I barely had some time to look on the Sasha Pivovaroza editorial and some trend reports.

However, there is one more reason why I have postponed blogging: the loyal readers might have noticed that I haven't posted the regular columns in a long time. I need to explain myself: I plan to only post photos which belong to myself , because I beleive this will help the blog grow a lot. I have to be honest, an inspiration post is good from time to time, but let's admit we all read the top fashion blogs because of the impressive amount of outfit/details pictures.
I'm not saying I'm going to pull this out, but I will try my best!

PS: Outfit post tomorrow!!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

But I’m gonna be warm (ho ho) this winter

Knit from Zara I've been wearing like crazy last winter.

I don't know what's the weather like in your country or town, but here it is totally different from the last week. I cannot beleive the substantial change, it is raining all day long and I feel the urge to look for my gloves.
Winter is aproaching, I know for sure but there is a positive side for the fashion obsessed people like me: sweaters, trenches and all the scarves to match them with! Not to mention the berets or the oversized hats!

You are going to think I'm crazy for already planning my wardrobe for this winter, but that's just in my nature! In august , I knew already that I was going to wear red, leopard and snake prints this autumn and now I know what I am wearing this winter: crazy prints&knitwear!
And, as I am always pretentious I want some new boots, to have my dream selection from head to toe. after searching high and low all over the city I have found my perfect ones *drum rolls* , at Joe Browns:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Always in a rush!

I'm so embarrassed by the fact I don't have enough time to post lately. You know, school is my priority and it's really hard for me right now, I have to stay really focused on my studies.
These are the first not-even-a-bit-edited photos ever on the blog, because of the lack of time! I'm lucky with my camera, they actually look decent. Also, these are taken just before some school activity, I just can't wait for the weekend!
Okay, I really have to get back to my 400 words essay and wish me luck for tomorrow's test! Love you all!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pink Python

 At the moment, I am crazy in love with this fall's IT  prints. You all must have seen my leopard flats, but there's another item I simply adore.
And yes, I am talking about this snake skin printed bag- pink on top on everything! Go ahead and laugh all you want because it's from Zara Kids(so it's really tiny!) but when I saw a 2 pages spread about snake prints&pink in Vogue Paris- October I knew I made the right decission!

I know that the items hardly go toghether but this weekend has been the last nice&warm one(well, at least on Saturday) and I feel it's my last summer-y and playfuloutfit.
What I wore:

Sunday, 2 October 2011

100th post: Keep smiling!

I have a thing for numbers. I can't remember if I have ever written here that I like Maths. Oh, no, I remember telling you about physics . I know this might sound weird, but I like both science and literature, not to mention learning new languages That's why I still don't know for sure what university I want to choose when time will come, but I know for sure that I want to go on in the blogging world!!

I get excited so easily about any special news so this 100th thing seemed such a good opportunity to write a little cute post featuring some stuff around my room. I really love close-ups, especially with the new camera and I'm really proud of how I have managed to bring the fashion sense into my room.
I promise I'm going to post another outfit  soon, just bare me a little more with all these "it's all about the details" post :)

Hopefully you dear lovely readers are still going to be around at 1000th post!! x