Saturday, 31 December 2011

A little more..

Photo taken 2 hours ago with all my new clothes. I hope I'll be able to post all the outfit photos soon.

Ah, not much time left and it will be 2012. This year has been amazing to me, because I have managed to fulfil my longtime wish: starting a fashion blog. It's been a great ride, I had some collaborations, made some money on my own, managed to buy a semi-professional camera from my savings. 

Also, 3 days  ago I spent every single dollar I had on a reinvention of my wardrobe. Dresses, colourful belts, wallets and interesting tops. Not to mention the most amazing flats. I think you might have read about it at the facebook page.

I'm more than ecstatic looking back to this year and I hope for the best regarding the next one!
I have also realised that you, dear readers don't know my full name or where I'm from!
I'm Mary Manaila and I come from a small beautiful country, Romania. I love being called just Mary as you may have noticed.

Future plans for the blog in 2012? Definetely get a domain and..who knows..
Happy New Year!!!

Monday, 26 December 2011

♥I got dreams and I got love♥

♪Train- Shake up Christmas ♪

This Christmas was completely special for me. I have bought a lot more gifts than usual because this year I had the luck to bound with so many incredible people, I got an amazing surprise from Santa, I got to spend half of Christmas's eve with one of my best friends and the first day of Christmas with my other one(soul sister x). I also went caroling with my class and my family has been very kind and supportive.

This is a short visual diary of this holiday, which happens to be my very favourite. The bad thing is that it didn't snow at all, but oh well..when I saw that big box under the Christmas tree I instantly forgot about it.
I wouldn't have dreamed in my wildest dreams that I would get an Ipad, not to mention a Marc Jacobs case, which I ABSOLUTELY adore! Funny thing, I have always thought that my first expensive bag would be a Miu Miu, but I love Marc Jacob's creations and this is no exception!

Therefore, enjoy the story..

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's a new day, it's a new life

Lovely leopard print, gift for some special one and my sparkling headband

Just stop for a moment. You are reading this right now, so this must be a moment of your leisure time.
Open the window, even if it's freezing outside and you pay n millions on your bill .Feel the fresh  and cold air. Inhale and exhale. Clear your mind, you are an amazing person, with goods and bads! 

And just remeber...
"It's a news dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life"

I'm feeling good :)

 ♪ Michael Buble- Feeling Good  ♪

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thrill of it

 ♪ Empire of The Sun -Walking on a dream  ♪

Last exams at school and I am super super busy. Cannot wait for the holiday to start, especially Christmas, I have bought like a douzen of gifts and I have wrapped them up beautifully!
I'm so happy I finally got to post some outfit photos, the weather is lovely, like we're in the middle of  October, not December.

I was wearing : Zara knit (from the last "goodies" post), Zara blouse, Motivi jeans, Benvenuti boots, Zara socks, Swatch watch and my new silver bracelet , gift from my godmother.

Also, last day to enter the giveaway!!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

St. Nicholas

I had an outfit post scheduled for today (hints all over the fb page) , but in our country we have this tradition: at night, on 5th of December it is said that St. Nicholas comes and leaves sweets in children's shoes. Now, I know I'm not quite a child anymore, but my parents always buy me different presents . 

And , since I'm so in love with this year's gifts, I've decided to share them with you:

Monday, 5 December 2011

2nd Giveaway: Beauty& Hair!

I usually think a lot about what should I wear everyday. I do my makeup after and when I think I'm ready to go at look at my hair and notice: "Oh right, haven't got round to wash it yesteday!". That's one of teenagers most common issue, in my oppinion, what to do with your hair in a chrisis?? I usually do a messy bum, which sometimes is really cool (the picture above) or looks like a horrible nest.
I've heard of the dry shampoo a lot lately and I am really tempted to try it myself, as it the fact  that it refreshes your locks without water sounds amazing, plus you are oil roots free for many hours! You get to carry with you around everywhere and your hair would look pretty even at it's worst days.And why not start my first experience with the number one dry shampoo in the UK, Batiste?

And you, dear readers, are really really lucky! Why? Because Batiste dry shampoos are now available in USA and especially at an incredible price at And, to celebrate this fact, the company has decided to give a lovely reader of TeenFashionDiary a can of Batiste. You get to choose  the scent,  Original, Blush or Fresh.

What do you have to do?

Friday, 2 December 2011

My MoodBoard

Mood board= place where I keep my inspiration, favorite quotes, role models, and I must have some Vogues or favorite perfumes around! Also, let's not forget my name!

PS: Sorry for the lack of posts, my fab photographer has been away for quite a while! Photoshoot tomorrow!