Monday, 27 February 2012

Comeback of the skirt

Don't freak out, only the intro photo is so blurry with effects! Not my fault, I barely found a photographer to take the few shots.

Remember this skirt?? Yes, that's the one I've been wearing in spring one year ago, than the whole summer, once in fall..everything is showcased on the blog in the Outfits. section. So, I told to myself, why not wear it this winter, while it's still snow on the ground? Just because it's  freezing I shouldn't be fashionable? 

Therefore, I played around different textures and a pretty good layer came out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures outside when I wore this, like three days ago so today I recreated the outfit because I really wanted you, dear readers, to see this and tell your honest opinion.

Regarding the new Vogue Paris, it's a gift because I did extremely well in an English competition (olimpiadă, pentru cititorii români) and I have to say this issue is really marvelous, it has interviews with Poppy Delevigne, Daria , a column about Marc Jacobs and I simply love the editorials!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sweet about me

♪Sweet about me- Gabriella Cilmi♪

I had some rough days and I needed a break. Things like this happen and although work and/or learning is very important, you have to know when it's enough and be able to take a break. 

That's the tricky part- how to make time for yourself? I don't know, it all depends on several factors but what I do know is that you shouldn't give up on your need and find a way to make it happen. Although some may consider this rather unuseful I have to emphasize on the fact that it does make a difference! Leisure time is something you shouldn't ignore, because it's something you need for your own health.

Please note that I'm talking about those kind of days when you are just super busy and you barely sleep , not about the ones when you 've got plenty of time and you just spend it daydreaming.

I am going through that kind of phase, when everything is just so crowded and important that I can't fit 'time for myself' in the schedule anymore. The day I showcased in the photos above was by chance, completely unexpected. All my plans got cancelled and I rushed to my best friends house and had a blast, with snow fights, good books, a movie, delicious food and a lot of tea...

Now I feel like that day happened months ago. That's right, trapped in the routine again, but this is my promise that somehow I'll find a way to take a break again, as soon as possible.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Books and bags

First of all, I want to thank you with all my heart for the lovely comments I have received on the Anniversary post. I have read every single one, I noticed some new faces( yes, I have a pretty good visual memory) and I'm also happy to see that some readers have gained courage to share their opinions lately!

As for this post, I'm going to write about two things I adore: books and bags. As Jane Brody pointed out,
“Real luxury is time and opportunity to read for pleasure”
You always should spoil yourself with a good read, whether it's a interesting book where you learn about some life experiences like 'Frumoasele straine' is or a couple of Vogues which instantly cheer you up. With all this technology and daily problems we tend to neglect reading sometimes, and it is sad because books bring the wellness of our souls.

I also wanted to show you my most loved bag at the moment!! It's nude and it's from Zara. It was so expensive at the beginning but as soon as the sales started my aunt surpised me and bought this for me! I love it because it has the perfect details and color and the quality is just exceptional.

More photos of some magic reads and the bag:

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pretty florals and mixmatched morals

I don't know about you, but I had enough of this winter. I'm looking forward to walking around the town without  a coat and two sweaters or a denim shirt and a knit, as shown above.

So, what I've been doing these days, without school? I have been dreaming..I dream of a sunny day of spring, with cherry blossom flowers everywhere.

As for what I will be wearing..I have something in mind. It will be a lot of pastels involved because they are 'in' this season and...crazy colorful prints!!!

Why so? Well, I simply adore the colorblock trend and I feel I should keep it for this spring also, combined with some funky patterns. This is my moodboard at the moment, I would love to wear any of these prints. Now, I'll write something particularly about  florals, considering the fact I found something very interesting:

Monday, 13 February 2012

One year anniversary!!!

I've been waiting for this day! Today, TeenFashionDiary turns one !!! Well, at least this is what I consider to be its birthday because it was then I decided I really want to share my love,interests and passions online. Technically, I used to write some goofy posts at the begging of February 2011 but it was nothing serious, really. Just some teenager ramblings.

Words can't properly describe how I feel right now, it's kind of strange you have such a connection with your blog. I guess it's because of the time and passion I invest in it, I'm so happy to see it grow. It's the work and effort after all and I believe it is great to have a celebration day!

It's been a bumpy and wonderful year for sure, with school always taking me too much time. However, I've had some interesting collaborations, did some freelance writing, discovered my love for photography and bought a semi-professional camera, visited Prague and Budapest.

I want to thank my family, my friends and you..dear readers! You give me the strenght to go on and I feel lucky to have such supportive people here.

Now, I made a short selection of photos(it's actually pretty long, but I just loved all of them)- my very favourites. I want to mention that these are taken  only from the outfit posts. The photos I took can be found at the section  Details.

Thank you for all the patience and the love! Enjoy: 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Apple on Apple

I believe fashion counscious people are always open towards new trends. When I decided it was time to start my own fashion blog it was because I felt I couldn't relate to the term "fashionable" in my community.

There are many people who don't understand the term TREND. I can't define it even at this moment, because it's something tricky in it. What is it about trends that makes people all over the world want to buy a maxi skirt  or clogs? Is it a good PR strategy or designers just make the best of certain patterns/colors/clothes?

I've always said to myself that I would not be the type of person who wears a thing just because it is IN. However, I do appreciate one thing about trends: they made me realise that some things can be really fun to wear.

Take this clutch/bag for example. I got it with the Nina Ricci perfume couple years ago and I didn't like it at all. Yet, this fall, when sparkles and glitters were all over the stores, in magazines, on fashion blogs it occured to me that I could wear it in many enchanting ways.

As for the Ipod, I love it because it's the closest thing to Iphone. I am a huge Apple fan (although I own  a Samsung Galaxy S II)  and the new Iphone 4S seems just amazing! They're definetely great products, and I love the quality and the design. I found this site with all kinds of phones at great prices, who knows, I may actually get one in the future.

My question is: 
Are there such things as FASHION PET PEEVES or the trends just make us be more open?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I love it, I blog it

Blogging is about expressing your thoughts towards different interests. I usually like to blog about the things I love. Of course, owning a fashion blog means ilustrating your opinion with pictures.
That's how my motto was born:
I love it, I blog it!

All my friends know they've nailed a gift by seeing it here. Therefore, one of closest friends, Diana, was really concerned about the blazer she gave me for Christmas because she has never seen me wearing it. Well, let me point this out: I love it, I'm usually into striped things and it has just the perfect fabric and shape!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, it's been showing heavily here in Romania (schools are closed: YAY!!) and all I do is take silly photographs and watch Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl and Sex and The City.
What do you think about my blazer?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Pastel & Feminine

Don't you ever feel the urge to stop from your daily routine and feel like a princess?  Picture yourself as Kirsten Dunst played Marie Antoinette, with macarons near you and a fluffy dress, pink everywhere and "I want candy" playing in the background?

Although it's not really my style, I don't see anything wrong in pink, pastel tones and some feminine accents. I  have spent this kind of day with one of my best friends, who has now her dream room..and the most gorgeous Manoush dress!