Sunday, 25 March 2012

I don't want to be COOL , I want to be FASHION !

                          Oasap Paris Sweater, Zara Skirt, Musette Belt, Accessorize cat-eye sunglasses

If you are a regular reader you must know the way I styled this Oasap sweater for the first time: urban chic,  with some edgy accents. Well, I decided to go for a boho outfit this time, in nude tones. I felt amazing while wearing this ensemble, a little like a modern fairy. It's simple, yet with some fine accents like the fabulous belt which is my favorite.

Also, I am going through a little chrisis as I can't find anyone to take my pictures. These ones were taken with self-timer so believe me it's a first time on my blog when I'm dealing with the lack of photos, but I liked the outfit too much so I had to post it! I guess I am going to ask you to consider one point: sometimes quality over quantity is the best

Also , credits for the words of wisdom in the title go to the one and only Anna Dello Russo. 
Wish you all a great week, stay fashionable!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New in : Tote Bags

I can't remember to have ever stated that I love tote bags around here, but as a matter of fact I do!! They're great for school (who needs a backback? ), they have all these crazy patterns and a perfect size! I'm talking about those from Accessorize, I'm obsessed!

My aunt bought me two in the winter sales and I can't manage without them. The owl one has a marvelous shade of grey and cute pink accents.  The other one is super cool as well, British flag and everything.

As for the song choice, yes, that's right, I love Madonna! Ever since I was 5 actually. Can't help it, she's the queen of pop and this new song is super fun and full of life.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Something fortunate happened yesterday. I was about to go out and I really wanted to go for a casual outfit in order to wear the "We just want to have fun"  Zara T-shirt which I have just received from my aunt. Thank you aunty, I got the message! (hint for my readers)
And the moment I opened my closet this wonderful skirt fell from its hanger. Imagine my surprise and excitement as I suddenly remembered I bought this two years ago from Zara because I needed it for a festive ocassion at school.

I didn't even think that much at this outfit, I literally threw everything that fell from my closet and it felt extraordinary! It's great to loosen up sometimes, especially when it's sunny outside. What I more extraordinary though, it's the joy I felt by discovering it, as if it was new. In another context worn it just seems like a different garment!

As for the changes, this game the idea to start exploring my closet more, and show you all my clothes, because I only tend to wear my favourites here, and it's unfair.

Incredible, the little miracles of fashion!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Meet me in Paris

My dear readers, a lot of things have changed, my preferences included. Even though I have always stated that my bigest dream was to visit London, I found myself more atracted to Paris lately. 
And what a greak way to mark this time of my life in my fashion diary other than a knit statement? The amazing team from OASAP  sent me this genius & super comfy sweater. I've gotten tons of compliments for it, and as you can't wear a necklace with it I decided to go for Marc Jacobs bracelet.

I do love the outfit, don't get me wrong, it's the decor I hate. My amazing photographer and also one of my best friends, Diana, struggled to get better angles of my hometown but it's pretty much impossible. After all the arhitecture on my city is like "there you have it lady and gents, communist blocks on the right, oh and on the left as well!"

Have a look at the photos though, my poses and the quality of the photos should distract you from the horrible landscape!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Neon & Lavender

Hello dear readers, wow, such a long absence! I know, but I've had the two most hectic weeks, with tons of sleepless nights and courses to study. However, there have been some good changes. Beware, there will be  a lot of writing in this post because I have missed you and my little blog a lot!

Someday between a test and two essays to write, I was instantly cheered up when the lovely team from 33knots sent me these two  simply perfect , handmade and authentic bracelets.

You may wonder what is it so special about this brand and the design of the bracelets. Well, I shall try to tell you some little secrets: