Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pleats & Flatforms


♪ Lana Del Rey- Diet Mtn Dew ♪

Hello, my dear readers! I'm so happy that more people have discovered my blog lately and that they even email me asking for advice or giving me some advice. I received a lovely comment asking why I don't wear heels. Well, I love heels and I have quite some beautiful pairs  (I believe) but the main reason you haven't seen wedges,pumps etc lately is because I have been in Florence and is nearly impossible to walk on all those cobbled streets, especially when you are like me and barely spend couple hours a day in the hotel room. I took long walks there, beside the visiting part. I would go with my cousin or even alone and wander around the magical city. I am home now and I missed my friends so much! I went out with S. yesterday(who also took the amazing pictures!) and there was a lot of walking as well, so I thought about a funny compromise: flatforms. This way you can't say I don't wear heels, and I feel as if I was wearing my lovely flats. 

I actually saw this pair in Bucharest not such a long ago but they were quite expensive. I waited for the sales and got them from Italy, it was the last pair in the store! I have to say they are super comfy and just the perfect thing I needed for school! The top was a very good investment as well, it's a timeless piece and it also has an incredible fabric! And now- the skirt. I know it won't be 'IN' for a long time but I have always wanted a pleated skirt and the colour got me hooked! I don't know what happened with the light though, we had issues shooting because everything was just too bright and the skirt seemed to have a neon shade. Its actual colour is the one that you see in the first picture :)

Also, I finally get to show you a necklace that has an imense value for me: the golden Paris one, which I bought last year in Prague, from Claire's. Funny, right?

Have a lovely week, for any questions don't hesitate to write me!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Blue hue


Hello my dear readers, I'm so happy to blog again! I didn't have any issues with my laptop or anything, it's just that my visting schedule has been so crowded because there are so many incredible places to see in Tuscany! I took these photos in three places actually because we visited all of them in    one day! It was intense for sure, yet so incredible and rewarding!

Our first stop was San Gimignano, just the typical Tuscan village, with beautiful historical buildings, surrounded by loads of vegetation and with the most lovely residents! The second place was a widely popular city, Siena, where I was astounded by the Palazzo Pubblico and the central square, but also by the Duomo. I am really fond of all the Duomos and the Baptisteries after this trip in Italy, I can't even pick a favourite after seing the ones in Florence and Pisa (still, the 'gates of paradise' of Firenze's Baptistery will always remain in my heart ). In Siena I also found for the first time ''L'Officiel' Magazine. I am hooked, it's so bad they don't sell this magazine in my town, I really enjoy reading the current issue I bought!

In the afternoon it was about admiring the famous Chianti region. We stopped to eat in the famous Radda , where instead of buying pastas or pizza (which, by the way, are really the best in Italy!) I wanted two of their special torte (cake), one with forest fruits and a cheesecake, the best one I ever had because it is typically drier than American styles.

It was a whimsical day, and I also felt so incredible because I wore a super comfy outfit, with a colorlocking effect. The H&M cobalt dress is just the perfect dress for summer trips and the lavender flats were just a joy to wear, because all the streets were cobbled.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Fossil Watch

♪ U2- Magnificent 

I have been super busy these days visting Pisa (yes, I have a cliche photo with me holding the Pisa tower haha), Lucca, where I had a 4 km bicycle ride, the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace with its Boboli gardens but I am not going to give further details because I feel that you are more receptive towards me talking about trends and my outfits. All I can say is that Florence is truly magnificent, starting from the pastas, gelato and granitta to Tiziano's paintings and Donatello's work.

As for the shopping, it's AMAZING as well! The real problem is that you have to have a really big budget in order to afford all these genius clothes, which wasn't much my case. I can't complain though, I really managed due to the sales and the fact that my birthday is in August so all my family members let me choose my gift here.

However, it is one thing in particular that I'm fond of: THE WATCH! The perfect, golden-rose, boyfriend type watch that I got from Fossil. I'm in love with this watch ever since I saw it on their site in February but the taxes and the shipping would have made the online purchase value double!! I thought it wasn't worth it, I sighed and moved on. However, on my first day here I saw the Fossil shop next to Chanel and my very watch was there, in the window. I had to have it, I just think it's the amazing gift I have received so far.

As for the skirt, I had my eyes on it as well for quite a while. I like how it's classy and feminine, you can't go wrong with a crochet skirt which is so ladylike.  I just waited for the sales at Zara et..Voila! The wallet from Mango it was quite a surprise! I was taking a nap ( haven't done this since kindergarten but this whole trip is really exhausting!) and my mom went out for a little and though it would totally match my watch.

I want to thank my beautiful family for all the pre-birthday gifts I have received and for bearing with me while I took so many pictures today. These photos are taken in the Boboli Gardens, a whimsical place.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

She'd dreamed of Paradise


♪ Coldplay- Paradise ♪

Hello there, my dear readers! I hope your week started just as amazing as mine. It has been my second day of Florence and I am simply stunned of how many things I have managed to visit and learn about in such a short time. Of course, this also happened due to the fact I have researched on the artists and works of art which I could find here. It's a whole different thing to know what you're looking at and not struggling to read those flyers.

If you are following and have enough time I would like to describe my schedule during these days:

1st day - We arrived quite late because the highway was so full, so we had less hours for ourselves than expected. Still, I managed  to see the great Duomo and the Baptistery, with its gates made by Ghiberti and called by Michelangelo 'the gates of paradise'. I cannot properly explain what I felt when I was observing the scenes from the old and new Testament.  The arhitecture of the city is so complex yet elegant, it's incredible how everything creates such a strong visual impact. We went later in front of the Pitty Palace, where I took the incredible photo of my cousin's dress, which was a hit on the Facebook page. Yes, that's right, my cousin Ioana who is the official photographer of my blog. Such a stylish girl, love youu, my dear! I attached the picture in this post too, by the way. There are no pictures of myself from the 1st day because I was so enchanted by the city that I was taking photos of the buildings and being the tourist guide of our family.

2nd day - I wore a mint jumpsuit I bought in Budapest one year ago from H&M, super comfy and paired it with my new sandals, from Florence, which are exactly the same colour of the details from my jumpsuit! Talking about purchase, I bought three Vogue Magazines so far because they are cheaper than in Romania. I only need Vogue Russia and I will feel complete.

Anyways, back to the visits, we started our morning with Santa Maria Novella because I am obsessed with Ghirlandaio's work. However, I also became fond of Massacio and Giotto once I saw the whole cathedral, which was pure perfection. Later we went to Medici Chapel because I was also psyched to see Michelangelo's work (I know, I am such a nerd sometimes!) and also to the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum and I became more aware of how much of a genius he was. In the afternoon, we went to Santa Croce to see Gitto's work and later we had a little shopping session.

Be aware, there are lots of photos and I tried to describe each landscape! Love you all! x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Tourist: Day 1 & 2


Hello there my dear readers, greetings from Ljubljana! I promised I would try to keep you updated and as I have an amazing internet connection here in Slovenia I thought this would be a great time to tell you what I've been up to in the last couple days.

Day 1 - I left my lovely town and arrived in Debrecen, Hungary. It was not my first time there so I knew  most of the places. I love Debrecen for its peace, traquility and the impressive variety of flowers. However, I was even more happy when we discovered a great Square yesterday. I didn't have my camera with me so I attached some of the Instagram photos I took with my phone in this post.

Day 2 -  I've spent a great part of today in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. I have to say that it's been the revelation of my holiday so far! I expected the great things to come in Florence but there is something whimsical about this little capital! Its arhitecture reminds me very much of Prague and I love its castle and cobbled streets. 

My outfit is very comfy and not so fashionable but try to consider the fact that I've been travelling by car in the last few days. I tried a colorblocking effect though. I am so grateful for this incredible holiday, it's just the greatest gift I could get as I love travelling so much. Also, I love how I can talk in English around here! 
I wish you all an amazing week!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Never Forget You

♪ Noisettes -Never forget you ♪

I know, an outfit post shot in a room.Don't get noisy just yet, I have a reason. Tomorrow I'm leaving in a trip I have always dreamed of: I'm visiting Tuscany! It's a car trip so I will also see a glimpse of Ljubljana and I will also visit Pisa , Siena and the little villages famous for their wines. The main attraction will be Florence though and I have more than a week to explore it! I have never been so happy in my entire life! Wien, Prague and Budapest, they were all special and unique but I feel that I am more mature now and that I'm able to apreciate the art work at a whole different level.

To be honest, I'm so ecstatic about Florence because 'The agony and the Ecstasy', the biography of the great genius Michelangelo, written by Irving Stone is one of my favourite books. For those who haven't read it, most of the action takes place in Florence and it meticulously describes all the paths, the statues and the paintings of those times. I can't wait to actually see the masterpieces at the Uffizi Gallery , the Pitti Palace and the Florence Baptistery with its 'gates of Paradise'(Michelangelo). It's not just the arhitecture I am interested in but also the parks, the countryside and their famous meal courses. I want to have how much gelato I can there haha.

I'm still packing like crazy (trying to not take so many clothes with me!) and I found this beautiful SheInside dress in my closet so I thought I should remind you about the incredible giveaway as I won't be able to update the social networks so often. And don't worry, just as the title of the song says , I won't forget about you! I'll try to post regularly, I have my laptop, camera etc. with me. 
Okay, I'll get back to my suitcase now, stay fashionable!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The mint issue


 ♪Marina and the Diamonds- Hollywood♪

I have to confess that I am extremely lazy about the photoshoots ever since the heat wave kicked in. One day I was walking with some friends in an amazing mint dress (mint mint mint, I know, I hope you're not getting tired because I am leaving in a few days and my luggage contains a lot of this colour) and when one offered to take me a picture I was like 'No, I'm tired, just other time'.

Another day, another story. I went out with my friend S. to burn some calories (a.k.a walking because I am even too lazy to exercise nowadays!) and, as I wanted to show you my new mint top, we decided to try at least to obtain some cool photos.Well , TRY is the key word because it was extremely hot and I mostly closed my eyes because of the intense light but there was as well a breeze which totally messed with my top! I hate its 'Oh! I ate too much' shape, considering the fact I've been living only with peaches, yogurt and milk in the past few week! Needless to say, we totally gave up after couple of minutes and we were like 'We have to find the nearest cafe, I need ice!' 

Still, I have to give summer some credit for feeling so inspired. It's so pleasant to chat with S. about life matters and the actual society, the latest movies we've seen and also how you can get so foolish sometimes because of the stories created in Hollywood.By the way, I have just decided on my favourite actress! I have seen her in many movies (comedies mostly) but after the 'The Help' where she is in the posture of a deep and independent character I have to say it's Emma Stone! Not only her acting and looks are incredible, but have you seen her style evolution?

Anyways, back to the mint top, I found it at a local factory for a really low price and the fabric and texture are just flawless, I knew I had to have it when I saw it was the last in the shop.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Giveaway: Chiffon Dress&SheInside

Giveaway: Chiffon & Summer Dreams

Giveaway: Chiffon & Summer Dreams by marylu1 featuring christian louboutin shoes

Well, this is the secret have kept talking about on all the social networks I am currently active: TeenFashionDiary's 4th Giveaway : Chiffon & Summer Dreams  sponsored by SheInside

I try to host a giveaway every season (remember the April-May one, with the necklace Bianca won?) and I was really nervous about what I should get for my favourite season. Needless to say, the SheInside brand totally saved me! They want to offer one lucky reader this amazing chiffon dress! What's not to love about it? The tangerine colour, the golden&sparkling epaulets and that fancy cut!!

The giveaway runs: 6th of July- 6th of August  and it is internationally open.

So, what do you have to do in order to win the dream dress, perfect for summer? Just follow these 3 easy-peasy steps:

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Neon Necklace

2012-06-24 13.30.50
♪ Nancy Sinatra- Sugar Town ♪

Summer has always been my favourite season because I always feel inspired and I have a lot of time to do the things I love most. Needless to say, this is my second week of holiday and I have adored and cherished every second of it! I am so positive , you may even call me idealist but I have a schedule I get to make on my own and I am cathing up on all the great movies and series I have been missing, but I also have more time to meet old friends and exercise.

Summer is also season of change. I have cut my hair (like 2,5 inches AH! THE HORROR! ) and I am aware it was mandatory for its aspect. I first thought to show you this difference (although all my close friends didn't even notice) in the first photos I will take in Florence, but I couldn't help myself and posted a photo on my Instagram (@marymanaila). And YES, once you click the 'read more' button you will see it attached at the end of the post. So, my dear readers, I may present you the last photos I took with my long hairdo!

And this photoshoot is not dear to me only because of this, but also because of that stunning neon necklace I'm wearing. I shall tell you the modern tale of this statement piece:

It was a stressful day as I had my Speaking Examination for Cambridge and I figured that a shopping session  would help me relax a bit. Five minutes after walking into the H&M store I saw IT. It just seemed perfect, super affordable and to be honest, I really wanted to own a neon piece as they have been such a hit this season. I was about to buy it, when my mom, followed by my little sister seemed shocked. They clearly disagreed and when my father as well objected I felt like it was a fashion crime we were talking about.

Two weeks later, another city, another H&M store. I brought the one person which inspires my style most, my lovely aunt , with me as I wanted to know her opinion. She was kind enough to say: 'I think you have things which are far more special, dear'. Annoyed , I decided to go out the next day with my incredible cousin, Ioana, one of the few people who actually read my ramblings and my favourite photographer.The minute she saw it she gave me that 'What are you waiting for?' look and I knew it was a right choice. I usually make choices for myself, but in this case, with the complete disagreement of my loved ones, I got really confused. I laugh at this story now, because it was cheap in fact, and I could have evoided this whole fuss.

Anyways, if you're still with me, I want to thank Ioana for these incredible photos and also to my little sister for interfering my absolute favourite one(I didn't blur you this time, ha!).