Friday, 31 August 2012

Monochromatic Mint


♪ Moonlight Breakfast - Hello ♪

31th August. Last day of summer. This summer, which was ecletic and simply extraordinary! I made so many new friends, visited new places, learned and read a lot, just like I planned to.

Oh well, I won't get nostalgic because today is also a very special day! My cousin Ioana turns 12! For those of you who are new she takes most of my pictures and she is such a fashionista and far away from being camera shy! She should be a star, really! I was really surprised when I saw a photo of mine among her souvenirs (see it here) .Happy birthday, my princess!

She took these amazing photos as well. I know I said in late June that I would show you another look with this outstanding dress. I've worn it A LOT (my best friend S. can't stand it anymore haha) but I didn't get the chance to take any pictures. I know, I know, mint again, but I figured since I started the summer with a mint look to end it in the same manner. I got this amazing mint bag for my birthday from my other cousin and I'm simply addicted to it! The bracelet was another gift from my other best friend S. Oh God, so many cousins and best friends, are you still following? Anyways, Ioana is still the star of this post.

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lust for Life


“How difficult it is to be simple.” -Irving Stone (Lust for Life)

I had the most incredible 9 days with my cousins. Magical, even Florence worthy judging by the fun & crowded program. Not only the new friends, activities and long walks counted (10 km was the longest, I love a big city!!) but also spending time in my favourite bookstore, Carturesti , with a pleasant company for 3 days in a row. Needless to say, I came home broke but with a bag full of books and with a joy which words cannot properly describe!

You know how you can never be happy with what you have? There I was, having so much stuff to do, yet whinning about how I don't have enough time to read my long wanted book, Lust for Life . I have been searching for this book for a long long time, because Irving Stone's biographical books are INCREDIBLE. I think I have blogged about the 'Agony & Ecstasy' which describes the life of Michelangelo because I was astounded by the amount of history and information it gives.

Well, Lust for Life, the book about the life of Vincent Van Gogh not only has both, but also a breathtaking life philosophy. I barely managed to put this book down, and every 20 pages there would be a quote or a line which would open my eyes and make me ponder about 15 minutes. I keep it everywhere around me , it's an absolute masterpiece and it makes me respect the author even more!

I wore this outfit the very first day my chiffon peach shirt arrived! Now, this shirt has everything I ever wanted : the light color, comfy fabric, fancy cut, feminine allure and a feather print!!! Plus, it matches the book haha. Also, how cute are my navy shorts? I only own 2 pair of shorts actually because I prefer dresses for the summer so special thanks to my best friend S. for being brave enough to get these for my birthday!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Corail Necklace

2012-08-09 20.05.58

Hello , my loves! Sorry for not posting sooner, but I am currently enjoying myself in a different town, at my cousin's place. It's exhausting and amazing at the same time, I mean all the tenis, bicycle time, shopping, movies and making new friends..I LOVE IT HERE! 9 days just doesn't seem enough anymore!

I took these pictures couple days before I left my hometown actually, when I went out with my best friend S. to relax a little. I have been wanting to show you this necklace for ages (literally), because it's one of my favourites statement jewellery plus it has this awesome corail shade! Also, I tried something different with my hair because I love this headband with leaf motifs, plus it matched my flats. Now, I can't say enough things to praise this dress! It's just the perfect summer essential, and the fabric feel incredibly on my skin.
Well, I just had the most incredible time with some of my new friends in Copou and tomorrow it's Palas time with another friends (again!), so I don't know what should I add. I know I usually have some words of wisdom so I'm going to rely on my latest experience:

Stay amazing and true to yourself and always keep an open mind! Life is full of unexpected & pleasant surprises and you should make the best of them!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Magnificent Mint


“Travelling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’ ” — Lisa St. Aubin de TerĂ¡n

I took this photos on our last day in Florence , when I went out to eat for the last time the most incredible 'After Eight' ice cream from 'Coronas Cafe'. I miss Florence so much already, especially because I realize it's going to be a long long time until I visit it again.

As I told you in my last post, I turned 17 and this is exactly what I wore at my small birthday party! I wanted to be feminine and classy so I went for pastels and that amazing wallet which resembles to a clutch. The only different thing was the hairstyle, I went for curls. We had the best quesadilla in town and a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top of it! Thank you for all the incredible wishes and support, this was my first absolutely flawless birthday.

It was an incredible day and I received fabulous clothes, 'The Fashion Book' , mint goodies (a clutch included!) , five Agatha Christie books (because I'm a huge fan!!) and the oh-so-fabulous 'Gucci Guilty' fragrance. If loving Gucci is a crime, I plead Guilty!

Also, today is my little sister's birthday! She turns 10 today, I love you so much, my darling!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dream shoes & Birthday


♪  Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody ♪

I'm 17 as I am writing this. I don't really know what to say, even if it's just a number it's overhelming! I am closer to driving, college, end of many wonderful things are yet to come and I couldn't be more happy and anxious at the same time! At least I finally figured out something major : what University I want to attend and what I want to become. I feel blessed, I am so lucky to have such an amazing family, great & fun friends and the most extraordinary readers!

Also, these are the pictures Simona took of me at 6 AM in the morning in a place I particularly love. I have been hinting about these shoes for a while (Instagram, Facebook etc.) and I really wanted to show you how comforatble and tall they are at the same time.They're from Massimo Dutti, genuine leather and with a little bag to carry and everything, they are my most precious shoes, especially because their print is so catchy and flawless. I bought this incredible dress 3 or 4 years ago I believe, from a Zara in Wien, it's always great to wear when it's a little cold in the summer.

Also, at 00:00 my best friend since childhood, Sara came and brought me the biggest surprise! It looked incredible, with the most perfect wrapping and bow (and the charm bracelet which was glued to the gift haha). I had no idea of it could be! Turns out it was THE FASHION BOOK. That's right,  THE FASHION BOOK which is hailed by Vogue as the fashion bible and by Elle as the ultimate fashion reference book!!! Oh, the immense joy! (You can see an Instagram photo of it at the end of the post)

Have an wonderful Sunday, I know for sure I'll have one with my 3 best friends! x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sugar, spice & everything nice


♪ Moonlight Breakfast - Shout ♪ (a big shoutout to my best friend S. )

There are some people who know you. Who would listen to your ramblings and who would share your same greatest fear although you thought it's a silly and crazy thing to fear about. Who would encourage you to be yourself, dress up all in nude tones, with lace and florals. Who would say that 'you're a girly girl and it suits you'. Who would pull a sleepless night with you and listen your crave to take photos at 6 AM in the morning, because the start of sunrise is too incredible. Who would watch 'Wild Child' with you and dream along about that cute guy. I have one person who would do all the above, my best friend S. ,who is always there for me to give me a boost of confidence.

This is a feminine and classy outfit which I loved wearing because it is sort of my style. The story of the dress is lovely: I got it from my amazing aunt last summer and I didn't like the way it fitted me. I was late yesterday for my meeting with S. because I didn't know what to wear. She came over and went through my dresses and thought I was insane! I tried it on and all of a sudden I knew exactly how I would wear it.

 It's all about loving yourself and feeling good! Dream on, and don't let anyone get you down. Life is beautiful and I love being a youth, although I am concerned about college and future.Seize the day & keep it positive!

Also, we have a winner of the 'SheInside giveaway' . There were 111 entries, see if you're the lucky one:

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The manicure issue

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From left to right, up to down: My Ipad with its Marc Jacos case // Spoiler alert! Shoes you'll see in the next 'goodies' post // Ice tea I had with two of my mates yesterday // My favourite movies //Spoiler again: next outfit post & the most incredible ice cream in the world (Coronas Cafe, Florence) // Pre-birthday gift from my grandma- this scent is sublime!

Basically, this is how my life has been lately, just enjoying the summer holiday! I received another mail from one lovely reader asking me about some tips regarding my nails (and about that really golden &sparkling manicure I had back in December ). Well, I am flattered, but I have to admit that I am not an expert in the beauty department. Don't get me wrong, I love nail polishes and I have 20 of them from different brands, it's just that I am not good at applying them and making patterns or mixing them. All that I know for sure is that the 'invisible pedicure' is the hottest thing for this summer. Well, I always want to learn new things so I went out for an ice tea with 2 of my mates who know how to turn their usual manicure into a work of art in order to find more about their likings in this department.

My friend S. told me she agrees with the trend that the brand Julep introduced for this summer: metallics & chromes and after talking me into it, I couldn't agree more! For those of you who don't know yet , Julep is a company which makes some innovative nail polishes, as their colors don't contain any toxins . You have to be super careful when it comes to nail care, because the daily chores or work might damage their aspect and from what I've searched on their online shop they also have a wide range of nail care products, for all types of problems.

Furthermore, they have some lovely nail applications, I would like to visit one of their nail salons so much! However, I still get a look at their unique work(on a regular basis) because I am a fan of their Facebook community and I advise you to visit their page in order to get all the Julep updates, it's really engaging!  I couldn't help myself and I had to make a top 3 based on their nail polishes. It was tough, because they have really intense shades and colors, but here is the selection and what they represent to me: