Sunday, 30 September 2012

Prints & Pastels

♫ How do you like me now- The Heavy 

CLASH OF PRINTS & BEST FRIENDS GOING WILD. Two weeks ago I went with my best friend S. to pick up my Cambridge CAE certificate and attend the Ab Fab Fair! It was a memorable day, full of laughther, shopping and delicious food (I can't resist Starbucks and McDonalds , sorry). I was really impressed with the Fair, it was the first time I attended and both me and S. found some really beautiful and unique things. The dress code really got me, I love clashing prints so I went for a florals&python mix.

If you are a faithful reader you must have noticed my obsession with pastels. Well, with this AMAZING cardigan with sparkles all over it I am starting : pastels-the fall edition haha. Seriously, its color is pink champagne and with all the glitter I couldn't help myself! Of course I will be wearing darker tones (hint: don't miss the next post) but my style is so feminine and classy that this seemed the right outfit for the occasion.

Ah, I can't believe the weekend has gone by so quickly, school is rough right now!
My advice for you  is :make time for your friends ,dress fabulously and have tons of fun! Have an amazing week, my dear readers x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Blue Jeans & fab shirt


♪ Lana del Rey - Blue Jeans ♪

I have one major issue when it comes to clothes: I can't find a proper tailor who would actually understand what I want(my  once fabulous chiffon is living proof). So imagine my surprise when Tailor4Less wanted me to make my own shirt! I took care of everything(minus the sewing of course) and all from my very own cosy home! Fabric, shape (boyfriend type of shirt, so perfect for school days!), colour, even how I wanted the collar. I just had to know my measurements because Tailor4Less is an amazing company which makes custom shirts & not only!

It's so difficult to find woman shirts that would perfectly fit you and I was just lucky enough to get one! The ordering process is really engaging and the result is esquisite as you can see in the pictures. I really love this concept and it's definetely a site that I am keeping my mind on for the future as they can also dresses, pants, pretty much everything! Of course, I wanted to match my brand new amazing shirts with some jeans that are extremely loose and I somehow turned them into boyfriend jeans as well. Brown accents are the best, especially when you take a walk in the park and the color of the leaves is so stunning, I blended in!

Also, it's that time you've all been waiting for! The 2 winners of the 'SheInside 50$ coupon giveaway' are :

Friday, 21 September 2012

Fancy Friday: Milestone!

Marc Jacobs Ipad case ( buy it here ) & my Tumblr

Oh, I remember the days when I would religiously post every Friday my favourite photo of the week, my ultimate inspiration. At some point though, I realised there were too many photos I liked so I created a Tumblr which is my virtual moodboard.

I'll go even further with this nostalgia and say I also remember my excitement when I gained my first 100 followers on this blog! I wrote a thoughtful and loving post (also a 'Fancy Friday' one if I remember right). New people have discovered the blog and I just want you all to know that even if I don't write it all the time I love you, my dear readers so much!!!!!!!

Today it's a special Friday & I invite you to never give up on your dreams! Who would have thought that I, a teenager from Romania, would be lucky enough to have:


I started slowly, writing trend reports and about my favourite brands and models than I dared to post couple of pictures of my outfits. I had to learn more about photography, web design and appropriate decors. Of course I felt like talking only to myself at the beggining(hence the title of this blog) and I appreciate the fact that you are reading this right now so much. I always read all the comments, as Garance would say 'they make the blog' what it is.

Have a wonderful weekend & dare to hope , laugh and love! Also don't forget to enter the Giveaway which will have 2 winners!

Also, I attended the Ab Fab Fair last weekend and I went for lunch with my best friend S. at Starbucks. I had the most incredible blueberry muffins and I wish you were there too , my dear reader, having a fancy meal and a pleasant conversation!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Givenchy & Gold

2012-09-12 12.18.11

Farewell, my dear holiday! Oh, my summer holiday is officially OVER. I'm so sad, I mean it's been the best holiday I've had so far as it involved a lot of travelling, SHOPPING, making new friends, improving this blog, reading, cooking & even a little driving. And there is one more major thing that happened in this beloved holiday of mine: I got my (now) favourite fragrance , Gucci Guilty & a Givenchy bag from some family friends!

Yes, a Givenchy bag! I was over the moon! It's not made of leather or anything, it's more of the light and beach-appropriate type but it has golden details, a great size (perfect for school) and the most incredible shape!!! What more can a girl ask for?

I took it out for a walk and decided to match it with some grey and sandy yellow tones, I love how every detail works! Of course my outfit needed a splash of color, so I went for a mint (I know, such a surprise! haha)  scarf which I got for my birthday from my cousin.
 Also, note my incredible statement necklace I got from my friend Andreea, I love it! I really have amazing people in my life, thank you all for supporting me and always being so kind! Yes, I am talking about S. too , who took these stunning photos and also about M. who spoiled me today with the cutest navy top!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bold Burgundy


I was saying in my interview with iheartdaily(thank you for the feature, dear team!) that what I'm looking forward to wearing burgundy. Well, once I set my mind on something, there's no way to stop me! I went through all my clothes because the school opening is so close in order to fin all the things that would match my uniform and a dash of burgundy, of  course!

I succeeded: I found this tank top my aunt brought me from LA many years ago. I love the details and the colors and I'll be able to wear it this fall as well with a blazer or a denim shirt. Now, maybe you're wondering what's up with the AMAZING & DREAMY background. Well, it's the garden of one of my favourites places in Iasi: Little Texas. We had a big family lunch and I had this special potatoes and enchiladas, best food ever!

I went for a classy and feminine look to match the occasion, I'm really lucky that the weather is lovely and it still feels like summer!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Giveaway & Name day


8th September is always an amazing day for me because I'm Mary, so it means it's my name day! (at least in Romania). And as you might have noticed SheInside loves you , my dear readers and is bringing you a special giveaway for the second time on this blog!

Imagine how happy I am as you get to choose what you win this time because they give you a 50$ coupon . Sounds pretty much like heaven, I mean look how many cool stuff from them I chose for the Polyvore set above!

And that's not all! There will be not one, but two winners this time!!!!

The giveaway runs: 8th -23rd of September  and it is internationally open.

So, what do you have to do in order to win the 50$ coupon, which is just the perfect boost for your fall wardrobe? Just follow these 3 easy-peasy steps:

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

More ideas than time


I initially wanted to name this post 'The little white dress' because that's actually how this Mango piece of clothing is labeled - dress haha. You might not notice in the pictures but it's really a see-through type of dress, there's no way of wearing it without leggings/shorts.

Before saying that this is not a very coordinated outfit , let me just explain myself: this is what I call a dressy and girlie ensemble for a bicycle ride. That's right, I wore this when I wanted to go for a ride in a park and well, of course I needed leggings so I went for some funky ones because I really love how the dots look with the pattern of the 'dress'. As I were at my cousins' these were the most comfy flats I brought with me so this was the natural choice. Do they match with the mint bag? Well, this is up to you and your own opinion..

And of course I have the worst decor ever, that is so me: when I'm in the mood for shooting (notice my big smile-well,I'll just bragging haha) I can't find a photographer or scenery. Ioana literally took these photos 4 minutes before I headed for the park, just a couple houses away from hers, hence the cars and background.

Now, if you're still with me, let's get back to the title: Lately I've been having these wild ideas regarding the blog but as school is approaching it I clearly don't have enough time. I would like to start a new column I've been working at for a while, 'Fashion Cliche' and also a post:  '10 things I miss about Florence'. Also, how would you feel about me reestablishing the 'Monday Muse' and/or 'Fancy Friday' sections? I really need your help this time, I'm just trying to make this little virtual corner more engaging and pleasant for you!