Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Modern Minnie


♪ Coldplay - Hurts like Heaven ♪

I won't be haunting anyone this Halloween. How so? As much as I love taking a break from my ladylike chic style every once in a year (Oh God, who am I kidding- my last costume was a hippie- with wide leg pants-so chic!) to explore other sides of me I couldn't turn down Ms. Minnie. 

You must know Minnie! She is so utterly fabulous with that pretty bow and blue dress! Okay, maybe I don't have her pink shoes and my dress is mint, but look what I found when I woke up on Saturday:

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sparkling in Sequins

2012-10-14 08.33.04

♪ Lana del Rey - Kinda Outta Luck ♪

21th of October is always a big deal for me! How so? Well, my parents got married on this very day (it's their 21th year of marriage actually, congratulations mom&dad!) and it's also the birthday of an important person for me: my aunt.

I get really emotional, I mean my aunt is the most kind and loving woman, she is always there to support me and encourage me to pursuit my dreams, I love her so so so much!!! She is also a role model for me because she is an incredible doctor (I hope to be just like her one day!) and she has an incredible fashion sense, I mean a big part of my wardrobe is chosen by her because she travels abroad and always surprises me with amazing clothes!

I thought writing about it wouldn't b enough and as a picture is worth a thousand of words I wanted to show you and her my consideration and love. Happy Birthday, auntie, I love you!

Also, you'll see in the next pictures what top I'm wearing: a sparkling one (hence the title) which was a gift she brought me from Prague. I love the details and the fact that it's a see through blouse so much! The weather is terrible already so I wear a lot of black because most of my pants and coats are black but now I find myself very fond of mixing it with nude or beige tones, like you can see in this outfit but also the previous one. I went again for the loose pants, so comfy!

Have a great Sunday and don't forget to show your appreciation  to the people you love!

2012-10-14 08.48.41

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bows & Python Print


Oh my, I am late once AGAIN, but I'm having a really rough time! School is tough, not unbearable, but I don't really know how to manage my time as I am currently learning for my university exam. I know I won't start uni in less than 2 years but I have a huuuge amount to learn and I am actually enjoying it! On top of everything, all my devices are having a breakdown! Computer? Gone. Laptop? Bye bye. Camera? Don't even mention it! 

Therefore, I have to manage only with my phone and Ipad and I ocassionally borrow my dad's laptop. You can see now , I hope, why it takes me so much time to post and how sad I am of this crazy pace! Anyways, let's focus on the outfit a little!

I've always wanted this kind of loose pants for school, similar to some harem pants yet super stylish and comfy! My aunt surprised me with this pair from French Connection. Needless to say, it was love at first sight and I love how easy is for me to match them with pretty much everything in my closet! I've been dying to show you my fancy bow sweater and my python bag! I mentioned the python bag in a recent interview, I bought it from Florence and I love it so so so much!!!

Back to the sweater I love it how it's so feminine and cute, totally my style! I don't usually match my sweater with my bag, don't worry, but I really loved this combination! Also, the flatforms are really the most perfect pair of shoes for a teen if you ask me: we all fancy an extra inch even if we're on the run!

Love you all so much, I hope you haven't forgotten!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fashion Clichés Series: #1 Vogue

My fab moodboard & pile of fashion magazines. Gucci Guilty and Cerruti Perfume

Seasons come and go or 'fashion is made to become unfashionable' as Mademoiselle Chanel used to say. However, we cannot deny that there are some things that we constantly crave for. I am not talking just about a pair of the flawless Prada sunglasses or a Chanel bag, but about the food (Oh! The macaroons, the stawberries!!), the smoothies (the Starbucks logo is always on my Tumblr dashboard) , the Iphone bunny case and the famous fashion magazines.

This series will present all of them, one by one, because I have noticed there is always an artistic photo of the things mentioned above on the social networks. They have become cliches, and when we acquire one of them we are so enthusiastic that we pay the greatest attention to their condition (after snapping a photo and posting about it on Instagram/Facebook, of course!). Call me shallow, but my coffee tastes better when I have it in my Starbucks mug. I don't know if it's the visual impact it has on me or the psychological result of good advertising, but I just see these cliches as little things which are meant to make my life brighter!

I will start with my greatest love: the Vogue issue. Founded in 1983, it has revolutionized the fashion industry and it's the perfect publication to inspire you. And it's not just the trend report or the editorials that we love, but also its attractive aspect. The shiny cover, the infinite thickness, the profound shades, everything makes each issue appear magical and you as the fortunate owner of fashion's deepest secrets. We all cherish and love at least one issue, but fashion bloggers are also able to share this with the whole world. Now, magazines are not only regarded as an oasis of knowledge and inspiration, but also as the ultimate accessories.

A very happy me back in June with my beloved British Vogue

Accessories? I'm sure that in the moment you read that phrase you thought of at least one iconic pictures. In my long experience with the social media and continuously searching on various blogs, I have noticed there are three main ways that fashion bloggers choose to show their Vogue issues(this may also apply to Elle, Harper's Bazaar , Nylon etc. ). If you are a fashion blogger or an active member of Chictopia community , including this in your looks may increase the admiration of your followers. Here are some tips of how you can do it yourself :

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Questions & suggestions


Sneak peek of the next outfit post! 

Hello my dear readers, sorry (I've said this a million times!) for the lack of posts, but I've been away for the weekend and I'm having a very difficult high school year. Still, I really love my blog and you, so that is why I am writing this right now although I should be learning for tomorrow.

The thing is that I've been receiving mails or questions on a daily basis lately and I answered all of them despite the lack of time because I  felt some of you really needed my help . And that's how I figured a lot of you have the same fears or questions you write me about, which is totally okay , but I just thought that maybe I should do an advice column around here (and actually sticking to it) like : "Wednesday Wisdom" ?

Or maybe time has finally come for me to do a Q&A?

Anyways, I really need your help and suggestions this time, I really want to improve this little blog! How can you reach me?

Write me a lovely e-mail at marymeetsfashion@gmail[dot]com
Or maybe ask me anything on Tumblr, after you get inspired by the bunch of photos I post there.

Stay fab & have an amazing week!