Thursday, 15 November 2012

Burgundy & Sequins


♪ Calvin Harris & Florence Welch- Sweet Nothing

I'm so HAPPY tha I'm actually able to write on the blog right now! It's been a rough week and the next two ones will be even harder as I have my exams and everything. Fortunately, we don't have school tomorrow so it will be a long weekend and well deserved break for me!!!

As I said before, I was so anxious to write this post because I have missed you guys so much(I hope you can appreciate the fact that even I was busy I managed to reply to everyone's mails) and also because I finally get to show you my burgundy sweater, such a great essential and trend for this fall! Oh, have I mentioned it also has sequins all over it? This is what made me buy it actually, I always had a thing for fabulous & shiny clothes!

Now , I know there are less pictures, but this is only because I was in a rush and I found a great spot regarding the light. Needless to say, 5 minutes after I finished posing that fabulous light vanished!! Also, starting now , the photos of my details will have TeenFashionDiary's logo on the left/right because I have found many photos with over 1000 notes on Tumblr which belong to me , yet I wasn't credited. Even though I mailed everyone who posted them, I only got two replies and I was so dissapointed! You can see the photos I was talking about at my Tumblr: marylueden.

Anyways, how cool is the matching burgundy necklace from Accessorize? I got it two years ago, on sale and I paid like 4 euros, when bordeaux wasn't a cool shade and statement necklaces weren't so popular. Now I congratulate the old me as the investment(if you can call spending 4 euros that haha) was a total success!!

Have a wonderful day, my dear readers, and don't forget that even if I'm not able to post so often I always think about you!

Wait, I forgot to talk about one more thing, the hairstyle, which you can properly see after the break. I believe every girl should find an easy-peasy and yet outstanding way to do her hair when she's on the run. Mine takes 5 minutes and it's super comfortable to wear(and yes, it is my actual hair!)! Let me know what you think, as I got some requests on doing vlogs about hair and beauty.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The perfect loose sweater


♪ Adele -Skyfall♪

Stressed but well dressed - this is how I would describe myself lately, I mean I least I try with the 'well dressed' part haha but I feel like there's not enough time, or maybe I have no idea how to manage mine! Therefore, a trick is in order for girls like me, who are always in a rush and still want to look fabulous: 

Invest in a key piece for fall, incredible, unique yet still easy to wear on a regular basis! 

I found mine at Zara, two weeks ago, and I couldn't be more happy! I'm talking about this white loose sweater, with the most amazing fabric, cut and easy to match with all my jewellery! I almost wear it too much, but you'll see after you click for 'MORE' why, it has a fancy detail in the back. Also, I'm sure you noticed the background- the same old background which I call the 'emergency' one as I have too many pictures taken here plus it's not cute as well...Oh well, forgive me, I had to show you this sweater somehow!

As for the song I chose it's because I went with my cousin and some friends and saw Skyfall, the new James Bong movie. I'm sure you've heard of it, it is an action movie with a huge budget and amazing actors after all but the thing that impressed me most was the subject! Overall, I got the following idea:

You shouldn't give up on yourself, on your hopes and dreams and that there's always a place for a new beginning or, as Adele would sing it 'Skyfall is where we start'.