Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stripes & comebacks


♪ Lana del Rey - Miss America (Trash) ♪

Hello, my dear readers! I'm pretty sure this is actually the first time you see me wearing stripes, which is funny because I usually wear a lot of striped tops and sweaters. I actually chose this song by Lana because it has the word 'stripes' at some point, you know how I love to relate my song choice or a quote to the the post.  And in case you\re wondering what amazing piece I'm wearing, it's from the even more amazing brand CHOIES.  I chose this dress because:
1. I always wanted a sweater-dress (the fabric is knit actually, that's why I was able to bear the impossible temperature).
2. I can easily match it with my uniform and wear it on a daily basis.
3. This is the best shape for my body (I usually like to go for things which emphasize my waist).
4. Stripes are making a comeback!! I mean, I know what I saw at Marc Jacobs for the spring/summer 2013!
Plus, the arrival of the package was a total surprise! It usually takes three weeks for me to get one at the postal office, especially when it's not from Europe and I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to wear it in this beautiful scenery because everything is so white right now in Romania. Well, imagine my surprise yesterday, it arrived after 7 days sharp, so chapeau bas to their efficient way of handling things.

Now, this is a casual look which I actually wore at school and that's why I wasn't able to wear a statement necklace and went for such discreet jewellery. I love my PARIS necklace from H&M which I chose to wear as a bracelet, one of my best friends just came back from Austria and brought me this special gift. The other bracelet is from Fossil and I got from another best friend of mine (I really want to blog someday about best friends and how it is when you have more than one, just remind me because I don't want to bore you right now, after reading such a looong text).

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fancy Friday: My room & new hobbies

2013-01-10 12.49

♪ Lana del Rey- Every man gets his wish ♪

I've been very busy lately with school (only one week has passed and I already have 2 tests and 3 projects due) and I found myself using the little spare time I have on my new passions: cooking & interior design(blame Tumblr). I never thought I would say that, I barely was able to make brownies one year ago and the only decoration I had in my room was a messy moodboard haha.

I have always admired fashion bloggers who also shared their point of view on interior design, makeup, cooking, DIY and I wondered if what I'm doing around here is enough. All I can think right now is how I will  want my home to look in 10 years and my mom is a little overhelmed by all the changes that I constantly make in my little room. As for makeup and DIY I'm not quite there yet, I only use coloured eyeliners to be honest and sometimes lipstick. Also, if it's honesty hour already, I'm so bad at fixing things that I can't imagine how I would be able to do any jewelry or clothes by myself haha. Yet, as Mrs. Hepburn would say 'nothing is impossible' and I can pretty much count on that, judging on the fact that I've never expected to want so badly the profession I have finally chosen for my future or cook a decent meal!

As you can see in the first picture , the moodboard is gone and I changed it for a much classier version of what I aspire and I placed some of my beloved Vogue magazines to keep it company (& yes, I usually forget my Zara purse on the pile so I thought to keep it real haha). In the second picture you have my first attempt to do heart-shaped chocolate wafers. If you ever need the recipe let me know, it's simply the best chocolate cream(my dad invented the recipe actually, if only I had inherited more of his talent ).As for the third photo, you can remember that this poster served for a moodboard as well for a little while until I felt that wall was so empty and boring that I had to frame it!

Well, I guess that really looks like a page of teen's fashion diary, I always loved how you can cook and decorate in such a fashion related manner. More on the incredible movies I've seen lately next time! I love you all <3

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Studded Details


♪ Asaf Avidan - One Day ♪

Long time, no see. Happy New Year!!! I warn you, this is going to be a long long post because I missed blogging so much! I spent my NYE out of town, with some amazing friends and I had such a blast, definetely the best party I attended in a very long time! Also, I took the liberty of shopping, quite a lot actually ( I don't currently have any savings, just to give you a hint haha) and I've seen so many movies and ate so many new & extraordinary things that I am just stunned at the moment! Back to the movies section, my favourite was 'Life of Pi' which is a must, such an artistic and profound movie about faith. You know how obssesed I am with 'Franny &Zooey' by J.D.Salinger which sends a similar message, this movie was just my cup of tea!

For NYE I chose to wear the same studded details you can see in this outfit post, proving that you can make this kind of statement jewelry work for both casual and formal attire. Of course, I went for a little black number from Zara, I've been looking for a LBD for literally ages and I am so happy to have found the perfect one!

Also, today is a very special day and I want to wish my lovely and thoughtful mother a warm "Happy Birthday!" . I couldn't wish for a more supportive and incredible mom, she has always been there for me, even at -10 Celsius degree to take these photos and so many others!

As for the outfit of the day, I'm a little in a black phase right now , hence the new black boots , pants and sweater. Don't even get me started on those boots, they were so out of my price range but after trying them on all the other boots in the whole mall seemed so dull and plain. They are also so comfy, and I figured they are a good investment and they won't go out of style. I am obsessed with the clutch and necklace from Zara (thank you, Santa! ) I would wear them everywhere if I could. The studs and the golden details are just fabulous, and you know me and my wide collection of nude shoes, I just needed a clutch to match them!