Thursday, 28 February 2013

I really like you, but it's time to say goodbye


Dear friend
I know we've known each other for so long and that you have the best interest at heart: you want to bring joy, create memories and be there for me every single winter. It's not you, it's your entourage: the blizzard, the impossible temperature, even the mix with rain! I love you Snow, but three full months have been enough. I was sick almost the whole time, it took me a month and a half to find myself a fashionable beanie (okay, that is maybe my fault) and my hair looked terrible through the whole process!
This is the last day of winter and you have faded away...I have to admit I am actually happy. We'll always stay friends, but this 9-month break is more than welcomed! x

(You know you're super stressed and happy when you post super old pictures you were too lazy to post in January and you write a fictional letter to Snow, take it from me.)

On a brigther note, tomorrow is 1st of March! I won't be spending mine ideally because the circumstances are kind of bizarre this year but I love the sun and the spring air so much! And what a better day to post these photos than the last day of winter? Phhh..who am I kidding, it's still weird but I found this in my archive today and loved them so much!

I love you all , I wish you a blissful and magical spring!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Spring 2013: Mini Trend Report

You just know it -when you visit a site too many times a day, when you spend a ridiculous amount of time on it with your friends day-dreaming about what would you like to buy if you had the funds, when all your Polyvore sets include items from it that it's time to also BLOG about it.

Now, I think you know already how mesmerized I am by minimalist aesthetics and that's what first caught my attention when I discovered the high-end online boutique Matches Fashion. Of course, I was even more stunned to see that all my favourite brands (Carven , Celine, Stella McCartney, Mary Katrantzou, Marc Jacobs) are there, and, as the Spring 2013 Trend Reports are set to make an appearance in every fashion magazine in the world, I thought I should make a post about my favourite trends (as I have already predicted some of them) using only items from this store that I absolutely love!

Therefore, let's talk about: WHITE, STRIPES, EMERALD, FLORALS 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dreams DO come true!


Now that the blog is about to turn 2, I think I should tell you a little story about me(if you are a regular reader, then you might have put the pieces together). Ever since I was little, I had two paths I wanted to follow in my life: writing, as an author (and later it become my desire to be a fashion journalist) and medicine. When I opened this blog, it was more about writing, I just felt like I needed to practice and see if I have any ability to foresee fashion trends.  Still, as soon as my blog started to grow, I found myself in love with photography, and I could clearly see that my readers responded better to posts of my outfits than my general fashion articles (this was, after all, my personal blog, so I guess this made sense).

Of course I love to expose my fahion knowledge around here as well, but I couldn't see how I can make out of my writing a viable career, so I chose to start studying for medicine. I couldn't have made a better decision, although it will be harder for me, I want to become a doctor and still keep fashion and writing as my dearest hobbies. 

A couple of weeks ago, one of my biggest dreams came true: the owners of a new fashion site for teenagers, TeenyStyle saw potential in my writing and asked me if I would like to write trend reports and fashion advice for teens. I wouldn't have guessed from the beggining how this can bring me such an imense satisfaction, ever since I started I am just paying more attention to the people on the street and editorials to spot some new subjects to write about. I cannot believe that this way I can keep studying for medicine and yet have a stronger connection to fashion than I did before!

I would really apreciate if you made some time to read the pieces I did so far, because after all you, my dear readers , are my best advisers!  You'll notice everything is in a quite different style:

And.. wait...there's more to it:

Friday, 8 February 2013

Fancy Friday: Finding the right dress


If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody. ~J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye

I've been planning to post this photo for three months now, shame on me! It's just that I like everything to be perfect and as I didn't take my camera with me at the last prom...well, that's the best shot I got with my phone.
I have to admit a thing that I absolutely love about highschool: proms & parties. We don't actually call it a prom, but a ball and we have two of these each year. I usually like to go wild and wear really different outfits on such special occasions (I was Audrey Hepburn inspired in a LBD once, Floral Fairy in a long dress, Cha Cha dancer in a blue dress and the list goes on and on..). At the last prom though, as you can see, I chose a dress which represents my style very much: classy and feminine. This happened due to the fact I was really busy at the time and I bought the dress one day before the prom and had like 15 minutes for hair&makeup, it was a complete madness!

This spring, when the second ball of this scholar year will take place, I want to plan things ahead , because although my look turned out fine, I don't know if I'm so lucky to pull this off again! I saw you guys were really receptive and helpful when I asked for your suggestions last time, so I'm going to to rely on you one more time: I need to pick next prom's dress.

Wait, there's some good news, I picked the brand already: House of Fraser. I've wanted to shop from this UK-based label ever since my pen pal from London showed me online the amazing things she used to get (we had this funny ritual at sales time, when we would skype and pick the best deals for her to buy). Right now, I feel like their unique prom dresses are essential for my next ball, you know me and my fashion fixations !

I'm still having issues picking between four of them, all fabulous, so perhaps you can help me figure out which one would suit me best (I'm also really curious on how you see me):

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Girly cases & fancy weekends

♪ Caro Emerald - Back it up ♪

You know me and my obsession for girly stuff (it's always so sweet to see my photos reblogged on Tumblr with captions like 'sweet' and 'super girly!!'). I haven't always been like this, I told you before, it's just that I choose to surround myself with cute and sweet things just to bring some sparkle and sunshine in my life. Whenever I'm tired or super busy (like I was this weekend) I like to take a break and maybe spoil myself in some outrageous yet super fun way- so what if I have to girly illustrations in my room or a pink Marc Jacobs ipad case? The little things really count and yet I was lacking something- a super cool phone case!

Iconemesis just happened to contact me at a right time and I was so happy of the prospect of this collaboration. This UK-based brand has the most fancy and creative designs I have seen in a while! It took me a little too long to decide which one I would like, I mean they don't have only pastel-toned cases and I was thinking to choose something edgier until.. I found the Fifi Lapin cases! Sweet Heaven of girliness, I can tell you for sure, and I was so confussed which I would like to have. In the end I found this adorable case with bows all over it and I concluded that "less is more"!

I love it so much, and yet as I was writing this post I noticed that they have 20% OFF at everything , so I'm really considering still getting a Fifi Lapin case. Therefore, I made a collage and I would really apreciate your advice, it's just that they are all so cuteee: