Thursday, 23 May 2013

Emerald Love

2013-05-02 09.51

♪ Hearts a mess- Gotye ♪

It's going to be one of those posts- where I actually stay focused on the main subject: the clothes I am wearing. I always plan to do this, but most of the time, my 'fashion blog' becomes more about blogging than fashion.  Oops, here I am, doing it again!

Emerald- I have mentioned this shade a couple times around here, I even wrote a whole post about it on TeenyStyle and I'm sure you know it is the color of year, according to Pantone. I don't usually wear green, but there's something about the lightness of this color that really got me! The idea of an emerald green statement necklace, a funky pair of flats or a party dress really appealed to me. I was lucky to find one thing on my wishlist: THE FLATS, in an unusual circustance. I was out of town and only brought one pair of nude Zara flats which killed my feet, so I decided I should buy a pair of shoes with the budget that I had for a skirt. I walked into the first shop, saw them in pink first and they were the most comfortable, which such a smooth leather! I wasn't sure about the color, but then I saw the emerald version and I didn't hesitate: match made in heaven!

Now, you must have noticed why I am wearing such a simple and casual ensemble: I wanted my new statement necklace to shine! I've always wanted something in this style, so I can wear it to both feminine and edgy outfits, and Chicnova is the best when it comes to making my dreams come true! Also, notice the matching bracelet I also got from their site, I loved its inscription:  "Never say never, cause never is forever".

Such a magical thing, how your shoes and accessories can change a simple outfit completely!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gatsby Girl


"I was crazy about The Great Gatsby. Old Gatsby. Old sport. That killed me."
"The Catcher in the Rye"- J.D. Salinger

 I've always loved F. Scott Fitzgerald's work and when I heard of the glorious movie in the making, with such an incredible cast, Prada outfits and the soundtrack by Lana del Rey, I couldn't wait for its release! The movie was artistic, with all the memorable quotes from the book emphasized, the opulence of the Gatsby-esque parties (okay, maybe Gatsby's house was a little too Disney Palace for my taste!) and with a Carey Mulligan who knew how to shape the affected, delicate yet shallow Daisy. I loved their take on Jay Gatsby, although it's not what I've imagined while I was reading the book. The end was a little too long and the use of dubstep and rap songs at the parties was certainly interesting, although I would have loved more music from that period.

I wanted to wear something which would remind of the fabulous period of flapper dresses, short hair always worn with extravagant tiaras and pearls as the number one choice in jewellery. I think I managed pretty well with my hairdo and that bracelet with little pearls. I love my new SheInside dress so much and somehow the pastel shade reminded me of the easiness in Daisy's life until she met Gatsby again. And while we're on dresses and Daisy, please search online (if you can't make it to the movie) all of her Prada outfits, Miuccia Prada will always be my favourite designer!

Now..why name the post "Gatsby Girl" ? Because while I watching the movie, it striked me that I had a few things in common with the optimistic, hopeless romantic Gatsby :
I'm a dreamer. I imagine so many scenes and I analyze the past events a little too much.
I'm ambitious- Although it takes me a great amount of time to decide what I want, once I set my mind to it, it's hard to stop me.
Perfectionist- Okay, I laughed a lot when Gatsby took care of the tea party where he was going to meet Daisy after almost 5 years- the macarons, the anxiety, the overthinking.
I don't like tragic ends in a book, especially when they happen to such an incredible character like Gatsby, but this book is one of my favourite ones and I felt like paying a tribute here.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Jewellery, Less Time

Love & florals
♪ Lana Del Rey- My Best Days ♪

May has turned out to be the busiest month so far! I cannot even properly express my frustration towards the fact that I don't have time to post on the blog, read the good books I've bought lately and watch my favourite shows! Yes, that's right, I have tons of ideas to improve the blog (started to keep an actual diary about them ) and photos taken for the blog (remember how I barely found any locations before? Not the case, this spring!). 

I figured that since you can't actually see me and my style these days, I should at least show you how different are the things I fancy right now (surprisingly, not pastels, I'm almost over that phase, people!):
Flamingo Earrings - Fun fact about me, I don't like to change my earrings but this funky pair by Swarovski attracts me in such an impressive way! The unique rhinestones and the vivid colors would be so cool for this summer. And what's the first thing I did when I saw this perfect pair? I looked for a Swarovski Coupon and imagined a fun way to wear them , of course. Now that I think more about it, I actually understand how Swarovski is such a successful brand: it even got me thinking about changing my beloved gold earrings!

Yellow Bag-  it's everywhere in my Polyvore sets, from various brands, in various shapes, maybe the 'beehive' trend got to me in a twisted way? Then there's the Miss Dior Cherie Fragrance , I have to buy it someday. Oh, and a Topshop nail polish, I just love all their colors and the shape of the bottle. And let's not forget the floral printed top, I would be able to match it with all my skirts.

So, while I'm keeping my eye on a fabulous Swarovski Sale I found online, how about you tell me what's your current wishlist/ plans for this spring?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to wear: Espadrilles

The comfy, funky and chic espadrilles are making a comeback this summer! As I've found in my local high street shops only couple of options (they all looked so similar!), I decided it was time to search for them online. It didn't take me long and I found what strikes me as the best brand when it comes to this type of shoes: Sanuk. They offer an impressive variety of footwear you can wear on the beach, including the oh-so craved espadrilles (known as 'sidewalk surfers' on their site) which come in many patterns, colors and prints. Dots? Of course, in the cutest shades. The fashionable stripes? Florals? They have them all.

Now, I may love them and the idea of this trend, but as the sales are not here yet, I wanted to find a Sanuk Coupon Code.  This was definitely a wise choice! Not only I've found the right coupon for me, but I also discovered , a fabulous place for shopaholics on  a budget like me. One of my friends once told me she got a bag at an incredible price thanks to a coupon site, but she 'forgot' to send me the link, so I told myself that if I ever come across to a cool one, I will let everyone know. No, I don't plan to become one of those "Extreme Couponing" ladies , but I can use some great shopping deals!

Back to the espadrilles- I love their versatility! I made two sets which showcase how you can wear them on different occasions:

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Feels like summer!


Hot weather is finally here, you know how I've been craving for this! Okay, maybe it's getting a little too hot, but I'm not complaining, I get to wear my favourite skirts and dresses again! Actually, I get to even wear some new ones, like this gorgeous number from TheFashionNinja . I love to show you photos and write my opinion about the brands I really believe in, and this Australian online boutique really won me over! Their dresses are so feminine and classy, I couldn't wait for mine to arrive. I was even more surprised to see it has such an exquisite fabric and that the measurements were so accurate ( it had happened to me so many times to encounter issues when I shopped online).

I love my dress so much because it's so comfortable, chic and vaporous and it has the sweetest color! It's everything I could have dreamed of, I've been wearing it on a daily basis ever since I got it. And, because I couldn't catch its flow in the photos, my mom filmed me a couple of seconds with my phone. The quality is bad, but I couldn't help myself: I made a mini-video and here it is: