Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Palazzo Pants


♪ Kanye West ft. The xx - Touch the sky ♪

I've put a lot of thought into this post, on whether to share a very important life achievement online or not. I figured out it's the right thing to do because it is my personal blog and I want to remember this moment, but also because it explains why I took more than one month hiatus on Teen Fashion Diary. As you know, I graduated highschool at the end of May and getting into university is a challenging experience. I first had an essential exam, called Bacalaureat- if you don't pass it, you are not eligible for college. I worked really hard on this complex exam (actually- exams- there's three of them) because it meant 25% of my college admission grade (and it went amazing, thank God). Two weeks after it, I had the actual exam which would determine my future (75% of the final grade, Anatomy). It has been the most intense experience of my life! I have been learning Anatomy for almost two years and ten days before the big text I have studied for 12 hours a day. Thankfully, I was the first to get into Medicine.

I still can't wrap my head around this achievement and I have my family to thank for constantly supporting me through this process! In these last few months I felt like I would never have a vacation again. But now that time has arrived, I have started watching "True Blood" (why did no one persuaded me to check it out before??) and reading all the John Green books I can get my hands on! After the big exam, before I left Iasi (my future home, starting October) I had a serious shopping session. I really felt like I deserve to get myself a gift, a really big one. So I went rogue at the Sephora sales, found a couple of cool T-shirt at Oysho, finally found a earcuff that suits my ear and I bought this gorgeous statement necklace from Zara I'm wearing in the photos. It was love at first sight, although my mom says it's only for special occasions I kind of match it with everything, I just can't stop wearing it! 

As for the title of the post- I found my ideal Palazzo Pants after three years of searching! They cost a lot, but I didn't care because they're actually more of maxi skirt meets palazzo pants and with really cool splits on the sides. One week after I purchased them, they went on sale at 70% - I'm not always lucky when it comes to fashion deals. I saved them for a special occasion- which came on Saturday when I took my family out for lunch at our favourite place in Iasi - Little Texas to celebrate my college admission. The food is simply the best - I managed to snap a couple of pictures of our desserts because we jumped right on the chimichangas, nachos, tacos etc. They also have a beautiful garden, which you can see in these pictures and it's such a serene and magic place!