Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Perfect Surprise


♪ Madonna - Iconic ♪

I've always wanted to receive my birthday gifts when it's my actual birthday, but it seems this year my family and my best friend S. had other plans! I was supposed to return from Iasi on a Sunday after I finished my work, but I called S. on Saturday night to catch up, one thing led to another and we decided that it would be best for us to properly visit Iasi for three days (we try to visit beautiful places in Romania at least two times a year). She arrived on Monday and we had a great time walking around the Palace of Culture (you can see it in these photos). Then, a massive rain changed our plans, but I believe it was for the best: we hid in the cosy Starbucks Garden and had 'refresha beverages' (a summer special, I'm not usually a fan of black tea, but I really loved this one!) and then proceeded with a shopping spree in Palas ( it wasn't my first this summer, neither S.'s but we sure had a lot more fun shopping together).

Now back to the gift part: S. couldn't wait for another month to give me my birthday gift and considering the fact I last saw her in April, I was on the same page. Just after she arrived in Iasi she gave me a pretty Zara bag and when I opened it I saw my dream summer dress (pictured above) and Madonna's latest album "Rebel Heart". Back to the dress, I changed in an instant and it fit just perfectly so I decided to wear it for our walk. It's been my favorite ever since, because of the back cut and its fabric, it's the only dress I have that makes 36-38 Celsius degrees bearable. 

As for Madonna's latest album, I think it's underrated. She always tries to reinvent herself (I'm not talking about her fashion in this post, her music strictly) and I honestly loved her new take on pop. Obviously, it was thanks to Diplo's contribution, singers like Kanye West (who produced "Illuminati" and "Holy Water" ), Nicki Minaj ( "Bitch I'm Madonna"), Alicia Keys (playing the piano in "Living for Love") and so many other talented people. S. really knows me, it's been our no. 1 choice for our car rides lately!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015



Hello, my dear readers, it's so good to be back! I finished my first year of Med School weeks ago but at first I just felt like I needed a break in order to readjust to my hometown, spend more time with my family (it's hard to live 4 hours away, I think I've been overhugging  my sister these past few weeks to make up for the lost time) and hang out with my friends who also returned in our hometown after their final exams. After I spent enough time in my hometown, I returned to Iasi for two weeks because I felt like I needed to be a tourist after living in the town for a year (I rarely had time to visit it during the school weeks). How refreshing it was to take walks in the Copou park (pictured in this post), play tennis, visit places, go to the movies with my cousins!

Although I loved Minions , one movie stole my heart forever: Inside Out. For me, it's the best children's movie ever made, I don't know how a movie can get wiser, more touching,  heart-warming than that. I love the dynamic between Joy and Sadness and the "Lava" short film played at the beginning of the movie is genius!

Sales wise, Iasi has been amazing! I found so many things I have been looking for a long timeee. I've always wanted a white skirt, casual and versatile, just so I can wear it during summer. As always, Zara saved me! When I found this pretty skirt, it was love at first sight. The embroidery reminds me of the last Dolce & Gabbana collections and the fabric is so soft&comfy, just the very thing you should be wearing on a hot summer!