Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Old Town of Rhodes


The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the most enchanting places I've ever visited! It has about 200 streets with no names, so it was a real pleasure getting lost there a couple of times (although mom was genuinely scared). Most of the times you'll get around thanks to the many maps they have in the city, but in case you panic you can ask for the Sokratous Street, which is their main street, with tons of souvenir shops, local furs and leather stores. The old town has ten gates, and I recommend you enter it via Amboise Gate, the one near the Palace of the Grand Master because it's near the New Town (the high street shops are 5 minutes away from this gate) and you reach the top of the Sokratous Street, so the only way is going down the hill, which makes for a casual walk. Once you've reached the end of the street, and you're at the Liberty Gate, you can exit the Old Town and you're in the port. Couple of hundred metres on the seafront and you're at the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes used to be- now there are two towers with dears which show where the feet of the Colossus used to be- I was genuinely impressed, especially because I was obsessed with the seven wonders of the world back when I was nine.

I've included an overload of photos in this post, because there are so many beautiful places I discovered on the quaint streets, so I really felt like I should share my travel tips with you, as always. The ice cream in the Old Town is divine, it's the first place where I've found orange ice cream and I swear it was like a frozen orange fresh, so good. Also, I've seen the most incredible garden: Sokratous Garden, a place with lovely greek deco, great beverages and an impressive amount of orange trees, lemon trees, mostly every tree viable in Greece you can imagine. I've included travel notes above most of the photos in this post.

Fashion wise, it was a really hot day so I chose my white Zara skirt because of its light fabric and my new nude sandals. I've had the hot pink top for two years now, yet I never had anything to match it with until this summer. Of course, you don't stand a chance without having a hat on in the sun, so I wore my new hat, the one I wrote about here.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

By the beach

♪ Parov Stelar - The Sun ♪

I've just started to sort all my photos from Rhodes (I didn't realise I took so many until a couple of days ago my iphone didn't let me take any because my memory was full)- the thing is Rhodes is so charming, full of beautiful beaches, rocky mountains, astonishing trees that it's hard to resist the urge to snap everything you see, and I'll make sure to post the travel photos in the next posts.

We stayed in Ixia, a really popular resort which is near the capital, so every night we'd usually end up wandering on the quaint streets of the Old Town of Rhodos. Ixia is most known for the powerful waves the Aegean Sea has in the area, so most people choose it as a destination for windsurfing. Therofore, you can't really swim for a long time because of the water currents, but that doesn't mean you're going to have a bad time if you don't know how to surf! Me and my family made up a lot of fun games, like fighting with the waves, who can stay more still without being carried by the waves and it just doubled the fun! Of course, the Mediterranean Sea in Lindos is so quiet and clear that we rented cars for two days and went to the beach there, because sometimes you need a good old-fashioned swim (more on the city of Lindos in a future post).

As for my beach attire, every year I promise myself I won't buy another beach dress. This year I couldn't help it either, because I finally found my dream dress: a butterfly shaped one, white, with adorable details and a really good price from Marks & Spencer.  As for the hat, I was going to "Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation" with my family two days before we left for Rhodes  and I was complaining how I never find a summer hat. Two minutes after this talk, we pass the C&A windows and I see it. After the movie,  I rush to the store and it's nowhere to be found, except on that mannequin in the window. It was a whole adventure, because it was the last one and it didn't have the tag so they had no way to scan it. Fortunately, they managed to find the code in the end and I have to say the hat saved me from the unbearable heat we had in Rhodes! I got the sunnies last year from Accessorize and I still adore them and the swimsuit is from Oysho.

Monday, 17 August 2015

20th birthday

fangirl book
♪ New Day- Jay Z & Kanye West  (Watch the Throne)♪

I've always loved birthdays, but I have to admit I was freaking out a bit about my 20th. I finally feel like it's the absolute end of the teenage years (funny now, what should I do about the name of the blog? When I started it in the 9th grade I was like "I'm gonna name it 'Teen Fashion Diary' because most likely it won't last more than a couple years"). Young adult life: ON. I live far from my family now, I'll have a car with me at the university starting this fall, I have to cope with being on the budget and focus on my studies. 

Fortunately, turning 20 was actually an incredible experience: it was on the last day of my holiday in Rhodes: I had a good swim in the morning, an amazing lunch with my family at my favorite place in Ixia, Elysee and a long walk in the old town of Rhodos where I did a special shoot (you'll see it soon, you know how I love to mark my birthdays on the blog with photo shoots).

And the most unexpected thing about my birthday: the gifts. I usually post one photo on Instagram and that's it, but yesterday I was in the mood of taking photos and nobody ever wants to model for me (yes, lil' sis, I'm talking about you) so I ended up taking these shots.. You see, this year even my parents and best friends gave me my birthday gifts with a month in advance- and I'm grateful because I got to use my iphone 6 an extra month of my summer vacation this way. Before we took off for Rhodes, my cousins came up with a surprise: they got  me 'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell and some amazing 'Game of Thrones' posters. Rainbow Rowell in honestly my favorite author at the moment and this book is perfection.What never ceases to amaze me about Rainbow Rowell is that you can always find yourself in her main characters. Still, Cath, the heroine of 'Fangirl' remains the one I can relate to most: maybe it's her sense of humour, or the 'Kanye emergency parties' she throws, or the fact that she writes fanfiction with an astonishing devotion and has a romanticized idea of love. 

When I arrived in Rhodes and found so many great shops I made the decision to get some gifts for myself from my savings. As much as I love the gifts from my family, they don't see the point in getting an YSL lipstick for example and I just wanted to spoil myself a little in order to remember this birthday forever.
I feel blessed and I want to thank all my loved ones for always supporting me and making my 20th birthday the best!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Big Question


Over the years, we have debated a lot on this blog about weddings: the right dress, where to find a cool bridesmaid dress, the perfect hairstyle and yet I seem to have missed one important thing...can you guess it? I was talking to a friend the other day about the comedies I've watched lately and I couldn't help but wonder if the engagement party is a big deal for most brides, like American movies seem to indicate. This led me, of course, to the question: What does the future bride wear? I started to play around in Polyvore, looking for dresses which would be right for an engagement party , taking in consideration different personalities and then it hit me: the outfit has to make THE RING stand out. 

That's right, we never discussed the ring. Maybe it's because women are not the ones who choose it. I suddenly became really curious if one could order an engagement ring online. It turns out it's a really popular option nowadays and one affordable brand got my heart! You know I love shopping online and discovering new sites. I love to read about their story, go through most of their online stock, search for its presence in the social media etc. Jeulia is the brand I discovered, and its story is so sweet and sincere: the owners were classmates in college and lovers. They both dreamed of opening a jewelry store and when they graduated they promised each other that when their dream would come true, they would finally marry. The husband thought of the name "Jeulia" because his wife is named Jolie (and let's face it, it's also a great reference to jewelry!). I just melted when I read their story, and I fell in love even more with their engagement rings!

The Jeulia rings are stunning, and they come in so many different styles and colors! I have to confess I never saw a black diamond engagement ring before, I honestly think they're so cool, which is why I had to include my favorite in one of the collages I made (for the "Punk Rock bride"). Although they are known for their engagement rings, they have expanded in both in necklaces and bracelets areas (the EKG golden chain is so rad!).

So, let's talk about four different styles of engagement outfits and about their matching rings, of course:

Monday, 3 August 2015

Good Planning


I've always loved planning trips. I'm the type of tourist who knows five different restaurants near every sight we plan to see, the drug store, supermarkets and I usually plan everything to the minute. I learned it from my aunt and uncle, they're the best when it comes to this. As I told you before, I had my best friend in Iasi for three days and I wanted to show her as much as possible! The photos from this post have been taken throughout the second day, our busiest. 

It started with a walk to the Train Station to buy tickets for the next day (the streets I chose to get there all had history or imposing buildings for us to admire). After this, we had breakfast at S.'s favorite place in Iasi , Charlotte. It's an amazing p√Ętisserie, I love the decor, the music, the atmosphere and...the sweets, of course! They also have some divine croissant sandwiches (nothing compares to them, according to S. who has had croissant sandwiches in Bucharest) and great coffee.
After our French breakfast,  I showed S. my Med School because she was curious how different it is from hers in Bucharest. Some other walks followed, we spent some time in the Copou Park, and a few hours in the Botanical Garden- we have to go back someday, we barely had time to soak in the beautiful landscapes and the serenity of the place. After this, we had a quick lunch and we went to an Escape Room. We visited my aunt and then we went to see Ted 2 with my cousin.

I'm grateful for this summer so far, I got to travel a lot and I can't wait for my trip to Rhodes. Gotta get back to packing now, I wish you all amazing day!